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Changing Halls

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    Has anyone had experience of changing hall accommodation? What if you've got a place in a flat in Endcliffe and one of your flatmates has already started to bully you AND you've found an ideal opening in another, similar, flat with a friend - what are the chances of the University doing the sensible thing and letting you simply swap rooms? I plan to phone them in the morning but I'm wondering if anyone's got any insight into this. Thanks.

    I would hope that your university would be understanding and let you move, it does sound like a perfect opportunity. Make it clear why you want to move, just beware that since you've asked to move so early they will want to be sure it's not just that you haven't settled in. You've said it's one person bullying you, unfortunately that may not be enough for the uni to move you instantly, make sure you put forth a very convincing argument.However one person bullying you is too many for me - don't let whoever it is give you a hard time, make sure you stick up for yourself even if you find it really difficult (obviously, don't do anything to make yourself appear to an outsider to be the problem - only retaliate), I know from experience that letting people walk over me rather than sticking up for myself is something I really regret.Sorry for your situation, hope it gets sorted out.Oh and just to warn you there are a lot of trolls on TSR - they will say some messed up things. Don't take the *****y comments to heart because chances are they are having an even worse week than you. Good luck, PM me what happens.
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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