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Bad as grades and mental health condition will i get an offer for uea

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    Hi,i'm applying for ppe and politics and econ at uea (abb),however i got bcd at as due to problems at home during exam time,i'll be doing two resits which will pull my as levels up to bbb and i'm being predicted abb on ucas (which is the minimum i could achieve) i will have good references on my personal statement and 2a*s 3bs and 4a's at gcse-will i get an offer?
    Also should i submit information about my mental health to ucas (diagnosed with anxiety and depression and being treated with medication and therapy) and mention how this issue would require support inside uni or would this discourage offers compared to a 'healthy' applicant?
    Please help!

    Hey there,

    I've started studying at UEA just yesterday! (25th Sep 2016). You remind me of myself a year ago; I too got BCD for my AS and also got ABB put into my UCAS (I only re-sat the D which I've gotten). I wanted to do International Relations but I've failed to reach ABB (I've gotten BCD again for A2). Miraculously, UEA has offered me an unconditional Foundation BA Politics course which I accepted instead. Simply because if I pass my foundation year, I can ask to be transferred onto my original course that I've wanted to do.

    About the mental health issues... If you want to, then mention it in your UCAS but not your personal statement as that might hinder your chances as the personal statement needs to reflect the best version of you. There is no need to mention "how this issue would require support inside uni" because there is support here anyway: The Dean of students, Personal Advisors, UEA Medical Centre and there are plenty of support groups around campus.

    I too have problems with anxiety, since 2014 to be honest, but I seriously I think I've got offered the alternative because my personal statement was strong and positive. If yours is too then you need not to be worried.

    I really hope this helps
    Good Luck
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