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Only 7% of schools/colleges recommend a botany / horticulture career

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    We ran a survey on TSR last week (thanks if you took part!) and it's been reported on the homepage of The Guardian:


    There's lots of interesting data, 75% of participants enjoyed growing plants.

    Does any of this stack up with your experiences?

    Well it isn't exactly a well known nor promoted vocation but then again i do know of dedicated colleges/unis for such study.
    A largely held view is that whilst it might well be pleasant work it is poorly paid, unsocial with rather poor working conditions.

    I was hearing that we've a national shortage of plant pathologists http://www.plantsci.org.uk/news/shor...ase-experts-uk To the point that we're becoming more vulnerable to the threat of plant diseases disrupting the food supply.

    Many experts in this field today are aged over 50. The authors of the report attribute this to a shift towards subjects which bring more short-term income into universities.

    so probably we need a TV series with sexy young plant pathologists being heroic.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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