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St Mary's College, Durham - 2017 applications thread

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    Well done for choosing the best college at Durham to apply to!

    If you're posting here for the first time!...

    GCSEs -
    AS - (if you did an internal exam please don't class it as an AS because it isn't!)
    A2 (predicted) -
    Subject -
    Supra-curriculars -
    Any additional info -
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    GCSEs - 1A*, 5As and 5Bs
    AS - AAAB in Maths, Politics, History and Biology respectively
    A2 - A*A*A in Maths, Politics and History respectively
    Subject - Economics (with placement)
    Supra-curriculars - PwC work experience, Citigroup economics lecture, read lots of books, model UN
    Any additional info - top 10% in my GCSE year, one of the best sets of AS results in the year, only 7% of AS grades were A grade
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    GSCE's: 8 A*s, 3 As + 1 B
    AS Levels: ABB in Geography, History and Philosophy
    A2 Levels: A* D2 (A* at Pre-U) AA in EPQ, English Literature, History and Geography (applying post A Level so these are my actual grades)

    Subject: History
    Supra-Curricular: Rugby Captain, debating society, sports colours, pastoral mentor

    I'm thinking of applying for St. Marys. I'm struggling to see if it is close to the Government and International Affairs building (I'm applying for Politics with Integrated Foundation Year as I didn't attend Sixth Form or College but started working from 16 in Marketing and Communications in Education, the Arts and eventually in Politics.)

    GCSE's 3B's, 3C's

    A Levels - Non

    Subject: Politics

    Supra-Curricular: Arts (and how it relates to Politics), worked for an MP. heavily involved in The Labour Party and The Co-Operatives and helped co-ordinate campaign activites for StrongerIN and Another Europe is Possible.

    Any advice/other positives regarding St. Mary's would be appreciated.

    GCSEs - 5 A's 3 B's 4 C's
    AS - A A C
    A2 (predicted) - A* A* A
    Subject - Law
    In the Top 10 GCSE in my school year

    Hi everyone

    GCSEs- 4 A*s, 3 As, 3 Bs, 1 C.
    AS- 3 As, 1 B
    A2 (predicted)- A* A* A
    Subject- English
    Supra-cirricular- founded my school's very first newspaper, volunteered at a local paper, volunteered at a local library, member of the debate team, media and publicity prefect for my school, was lucky enough to get a place on the Sutton Trust Summer School program.
    Additional info- was the only person in my year to get an A* for English language and English literature, despite having the flu during my exams.

    Hi people.

    GCSEs: 6A*s, 5As, B and an A in FSMQ
    A2 (predicted): A*A*A*A*A*
    Subject: Mathematics
    Supra-curricular: Life...
    Additional info: Addicted to ukulele and do additional further maths.
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