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UCAS Personal Statement Format

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    I typed up my personal statement in word and did it in paragraphs. But when I pasted it into UCAS the spaces between paragraphs went away. So now my person statement looks something like this when there is a new pargraph.

    ParagraphOneskdjfdnjknvkdjfvnjhdcbvjhddjnsfk dfdjnfdskjndksjnkdjnvckfdjnvbhdj mnvbnmcvbfnmcvbnkjxnmcvnfjkcxvnf djkmnvjkfdvn kfdjvnfdkjvbnfdkjvbnfdhk jnmvbdnjhcnmvbhfdjnvbfdjkvnfdkjv nfdkjbvnfdkjhvbfdkjvbnfdkjgvnfdk jvnkfjvndkjvnkfdjnvkjfdnvkjfdnvk jfdnvkfdjvnkfdjnvkfjdvnkfjdnvkfj nvkjfdnvkfjdnvkfdjnvkjfdnvkfdjvn kfdjnvkfdjnvkfdjvnkfdjnvfdkjvndk fjvnfdkjvnkfdjnvkfdjvndfkjvnfdkj vnkfdjnvkfdjnv
    ParagraphTwojdsoinkdjvndkjmvndkfjnvdkjmvnjcv nbkjcxmvnkjnvkfdjnvkfjdnvkjfbvkd jfbvkfdjbvkfjdnbvkfjvbkjfdbvkdjf bvkdjfbvkdjfbvkfdjvbkfdjvbfkjvbk fdjbvkjfdbvkfdjvbdkjvbdkjvbdkjfv bkfjvbdkfjbvjkfdbvkjbvkfjdvbfkdj vbdfkjvbfkjvbfdkjdfvb
    ParagraphThreedjfivnjknvkdjnvdkjmvnkdjnvkdjnvd kjvndkjvnfkjdvnfdjvnkfdjnvfjkdnv kfdjnvkfjdnvdkfjvnkfdjvnkdfjnvkd jnvkfdjnvkfdjnvkfjdnvkfdjvnkfdjn vkfdjvndkfjnvkdjfnvdkfjvnfdkjvnf dkjvdnfkjvnfdkjvnfdkjnvkjfdmvnfd kjvnfdkjvnfkdnjnvkfdjnvdkfjnvkjf dnvfdjvfnfnvjnfnjfdnjkfknjfdvnjk fvdnjkfvdknjfkvdnjvfnnvf
    ParagraphFoursodcjknvkdjnvckdjnvdkjvndkjvndskj vndkjvnfdkjvndfkjvndfkjvfdnvkjfd vnfdkjvdfbnvkfdjvnfdkjmvnjkfdmhv nkfdjvmnfkdjmvnfkjnbfdkjvmfbdnkj vmnfdjk mbfnvk jdmbnfdkjvnfdkjvmnbfdkjv

    Are the paragraphs clear enough without a definitive gap inbetween them?

    Gaps between paras make the readers life easier which is always good so include them.
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    (Original post by alleycat393)
    Gaps between paras make the readers life easier which is always good so include them.
    i dont have enough lines tho

    Well you need to think about cutting it down then. There's no point in having a nicely written PS if your reader is pissed off by the wall of text. And I say this from experience.

    Depending on how your PS looks in UCAS, it may only be a case of rewording a few bits to make it so that the paragraphs take up one less line
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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