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I feel so lost in life. So depressed. I don't know if I should drop out of Uni.

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Hi,I'm 21, M. My background:I graduated college with the following qualification: ICT BTEC Level 3 Diploma (A-levels). I then wanted to progress onto ICT HND. However, my college, Tresham, stopped offering the ICT HND so I was forced to study elsewhere. Namely, university.I had two potential universities. Northampton or De Montfort. I chose the latter primarily because I thought I'd rather commute by train than bus. I also had a friend attending DMU, so familiar company was nice. I went with ICT Games Design (Bsc Hons), a three year course which I thought I'd enjoy, and probably still have mostly the same jobs available to me as if I had went with the ICT HND.While I enjoyed ICT BTEC Level 3, I didn't enjoy ICT Games Design. The course had various and many 'irrelevant' modules like maths, databases, etc. I simply wasn't having fun whatsoever. I hated it. It wasn't worth the commute or debt. I also remained unsure whether games design was really what I wanted.I've always grew up believing that I'd study as much as possible, get degrees, or else I'd be working at McDonalds. I therefore didn't want to drop out, but I didn't know what to do. In a panic, I switched courses. While I would have tried the course a little longer, DMU told me that I must switch courses within the first two weeks, or I cannot switch courses until the next year. So, I switched courses at the very end of my second week. I switched to Film Studies with Mandarin.I opted for this course for several reasons. I thought I'd enjoy this much more, and that at this point I'm just gonna get the Bachelor's Degree. It's true, this course has been more fun. I passed the first year of three years. But it's also been considerable work. It's also a long commute. And I'm now so scared on what to do. I'm not planning on pursuing careers out of Film Studies or Mandarin; it's just for the degree. Mandarin has been incredibly difficult, and I only just passed this first year. I don't think I'll pass the second of third years. It seems weird that I'd study Mandarin, something so difficult, when I don't plan on making use of the language post graduation. Nor Film Studies.So, I'm lost. I'm so scared. I don't know whether I should continue this course, which I'm only doing for a degree, a certificate, or not. If I drop out, I have no idea what I'll do. I doubt I'll get any ICT jobs from my current level 3 qualifications. I'm also 21 with **** social skills. And I feel like post graduation, after all the hard working, commuting, and massive debt I'm gonna be in the same situation. I'm mostly doing it because I know a degrees valued highly, even if you don't pursue a career in it, but I'm unsure what to do now.Basically, I feel so lost in life. I feel screwed. I'm depressed. I hate the commuting. It's considerable work. I have no money. The only money I get is from the student grant, which pays my trains, but then I'm also getting massive debt. I'm so depressed, so crushed financially, and so not sure what to do.Above all this, I feel like I have no life. This entire holiday I've done very little. I've mostly just worried massively, as well as eating much more and weight-lifting because I'm so conscious about my body. I feel like I have no life. No chance at a girlfriend. No idea what to do career wise. I feel screwed. I just don't feel like I'll be happy whatever I do, and will be screwed following even graduating Uni.Ultimately, my thoughts are all over the place. I don't know what anyone can do to help. Is it worth pursuing jobs in IT with my current qualifications? I don't even like IT, but I'm capable with basic work (Microsoft Office) and some basic coding, so it's more comfort food than anything. I don't really fancy the ICT HND either. I just don't know what to say or do. I'm so scared... I'm 21... I feel like I'm on a time limit... and I can't live with my mom forever. My dad's actually 'kicking me out' of his house so I'm living with my mother which might not last long. Then I'm homeless. I have no money. No income. No real qualifications. No passion. No life. No girlfriend. A cleft lip and palate, a skinny body, and I feel like a boy not a man. I'm so scared that I have no future whatsoever. What's more, I must make my decision regarding Uni now. If I drop out, if I return, I can never get student grant money again which would really hurt me even more.Thanks you should anyone actually read this!

    Hi holty. Please dont feel so down. So issues your facing can be solved. Also university is not fpr everyone. What do you enjoy doing? Msybe consider that. 1 year of student debt is less than 3 years. If you hate the course then really consider changing it. Lifes too short to be sad! Go on holidays, meet ppl. Go to classes. You can do it!!!

    (Original post by Holty55)
    Hi,I'm 21, M. My background:I graduated college with the following qualification: ICT BTEC Level 3 Diploma (A-levels). ...
    You can change courses and keep the credits you've earned. If you don't enjoy the course change it to something you do enjoy doing and find easier. Or face up to the challenge, challenges are character building.

    Or alternatively you could go for an apprenticeship where you get paid while you learn.

    Hello. Sorry you are feeling this way. If you really are unhappy with your course I would suggest you leave. However, if you can stick it out and get your degree, after this you could do a Post Graduate course in whatever discipline you wanted. Having some sort of a degree is an advantage over not having one at all, in the sense of PG opportunities that will open up to you. Teaching,Social Work, they are just the two I am familiar with, but there must be lots of PG degrees out there which would allow you to specialise and get a job in a particular field. So try and not think of your degree as the be all and end all. It could just be a platform to further study in something that you really want to do,career-wise. Good luck.
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