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Is 20 years old too late to start university?

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    I really want to go to university, preferably university of Southampton. This sounds so stupid but I went there for an open day and fell in love with it so badly, I've never been so happy in my life.

    However, I've only achieved a BBC partly due to being in a controlling relationship for a year. This is my last year to retake my exams and boost my grades to ABB. Should I retake them or just not bother going to university? But then what would I do? I don't want to be stuck in a dead end job.

    The reasons why I'm not feeling motivated is because now I have to study on my own rather than in a college institution. Additionally, all my friends either are starting university now or started last year.

    So technically, they'll be 2 years ahead of me.

    Plus, I'll be starting freshers in September 2017, whilst they'll be on their third year. Is 20 years old too old to enjoy freshers? I'll be 20 in February 2017.

    How will I achieve ABB if I am supposed to study at home everyday? I need a college library to study in but I'm not allowed.

    Also, can anyone recommend a decent textbook for WJEC sociology AS & A2 level? Just in case I choose to resit my exams this year.

    I'm heartbroken because when I go on social media, everyone is having fun at university whilst I'm stuck at A Level study for another year. Should I even bother applying for university this year? Or should I just wait until clearing?

    I really want to study biomedical science or neuroscience. To be honest, I feel like a failure not only to myself, but all my family and friends who had faith in me. I can't put into words how distraught I am to not be accepted into my favourite university.

    My life plan has been completely messed up.

    I am a similar situation to you! (Age wise - i'll be 20 in july next year) I was kept back because of my Dysleixa ( so that lost me 1 year) and then I've had to take a gap year due to unforseen circumstances which would mean I'd have travel home every Thursday for 4 hours, and then back down.
    And no! It's not too late to start Uni age wise, any age! Degrees can be done at any age! There are colleges who will take on adults in their courses, look at doing that perhaps instead of studying alone? it'll help you keep motivated!
    I am gonna hazard a guess that you're in wales. So i'd look perhaps into seeing what your local schools or colleges use in terms of textbooks. Sorry, I couldn't be more help!

    Have you looked at foundation courses? Might be worth asking admissions for a sense if sense of an offer based on your existing grades and you can make a informed decision.
    As for your age then you'd be totally fine, a couple of extra years will let you enjoy it but sensible enough to know when to do the work when you have to

    lol no you will not. I started uni at 22 cuz of military service. I'm 24 now and going onto my final year - you'll be fine.

    Enjoying freshers when your peers are 2-4 years younger than you may be a challenge though.

    You're just a baby, lovely. I'm 68, in my second year.

    23 and in my last year. I hate this uni but thats another matter.
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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