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Major help needed with applying!!!!

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    I'll give you the background info first:

    Predicted 38 point (6,6,6) right now...could change. 7A*s, 2As and B (in Art...oh god no).
    Work experience so far:

    Shadowing a cardiac surgeon for a week in Birmingham children's hospital
    Working in a pharmacy for a week
    Shadowing my GP in the local surgery for a week
    And 1 week's worth of work in care home
    Read four or five books medicine-related (I mentioned two particularly interesting ones in Personal statement)

    So basically, I was originally applying to Imperial, Kings, Birmingham, and Leicester. So everything was going well until today when everything turned horribly bad and I ended up getting 599 in UKCAT with a band 2 in SJT. I don't know how I've managed that. I've been getting in the 700s in the mocks for the past 3 weeks and I panicked today before and during the test because I spent so long on one damn AR question (I don't know why I did that...it goes against all of my ukcat techniques and everything)...so now I am in a dilemma becuase KCL is so UKCAT heavy....(could someone fill me in on birmingham and leicester, I have no idea)...so I thought I have two options now: either apply to to BMAT unis (UCL I was thinking, I doubt I have a chance at Oxford..someone inform me on that as well pls???) or instead of KCL go for a really UKCAT light but still good medical school...again...could someone fill me in on that as well please? The last question was that should I have my personal statement checked by more than one person. If you could answer all my questions and end my anxious sickening feeling that I have had permanently stuck to me since the ukcat result today, you are a star!!!

    Thanks a lot in advance everyone!
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