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Fake childcare grant

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    Please no judgement just require answers. I have completed my undergrad and currently studying for my postgrad certificate. I have a daughter who attends the uni nursery. During my time do study I recirved the CCG bursary in order to pay for nursery fees my daughter did 3 full days of nursery. Over July August of this year I cut her days down to one as I couldn't afford to keep her in full time over summer but j had already been paid for the 3 day by SF. I then recirved a form for my childcare provider to fill in but as j knew she wild put the correct amounts in I filled it in myself and put a random squiggle in the signature box so I essentially forged the forms. My nursery has now received another form from SF requesting an audit to double check the times my daughter went to nursery so they're gonna realise the money and dates don't match up so now I'm worried they find out and stop my money for my post grad studies. I point out that j currently don't receive the ccg for this year of study Jusy student loan so can they stop me getting this as I'm worried I won't be able to complete the course thank u

    You've answered your own question really. I can't think of anything you haven't already covered. It looks like you're about to be found out. If SF realise that you've falsified any part of your application then they have the right to both stop your future funding and demand immediate repayment of anything they've given you so far (although they will probably negotiate a repayment plan if you can't).

    It's rough with a small child, but that's the most likely scenario I can see. Sorry. You can hope that the audit process fails somehow, or that SF is somehow more lenient with you than it would be for others in your situation, but those seem like longshots.
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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