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Why are College Students so Skinny?

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    So despite what the media keep telling us, all over College and out and about I see skinny teenagers everywhere. Many of them seem to be a lot slimmer than in any other age group of the population.They typically show thier legs off wearing skinny jeans or shorts, and wear either a slim-fit t-shirt or a hoodie. I've also seen many wear those puffy-style coats that seem to be in fashion at the moment but they still look so slim in them.And don't even get me started on girls wearing short shorts!

    The more and more I see of them, the more jealous I get... I'm a little bigger than I would like - I'm 19, male, on right on the borderline between "okay" and "overweight". My BMI is about 25 or 26, and I'm about 6 feet tall and weight about 85 kilos (190 lbs). I've got a bit of a tummy which I haven't been able to shift for years.

    My legs are also fatter than I would like. I've not worn shorts much because I'm a bit of a self conscious person. My calves are a bit chubby and so are my thighs. I also have big knees and my legs are quite muscly. They used to feel quite podgy but now when I touch the back of my calf it feels quite firm rather than fatty. "Legs like tree trunks" my mums says. I'd still much rather have skinny legs though, especially on the thighs. Whenever I sit down on the loo and look at my fat thighs I think "That's why I don't wear shorts"...

    The only things I seem to look good in are grey sweatpants, jeans, and hoodies.... Everything else seems to make me look bigger - jogging bottoms, baggy t-shirts, winter coats, you name it...

    When I was little, I used to be quite thin. My mum used to worry, and started feeding me on chocolate spread on toast (I'm not allowed that now!) every day after school to try and fatten me up. It did work eventually, and I became about average weight.However, when I was about 11 or 12, I got a liking for chocolate and into the habit of having some every night. Then one day I tried on some jeans in Tesco's and struggled to get them on. I remember having quite a sizeable tummy and so my parents put a stop to me having chocolate every night.

    As I entered my early teenage years, I had a big growth spurt (grew 3 inches in one year!) and my weight levelled out over time. However, in my later teens, my growth has slowed down, and I think now the weight is creeping up again...

    I don't eat that much or drink fizzy drinks. I typically eat 2 slices of toast for breakfast, have bread or toast for lunch and for dinner I have a main course followed by a piece of fruit and a yogurt. I also use low fat flora for margarine. I don't have many snacks, apart from eating some gathia sticks while watching telly shortly before my tea. I occasionally eat chocolate, probably about one evening a week. I also don't have fizzy drinks that much (again probably about one or two cans/bottles a week).

    As for exercise, most weeks I go swimming, and attend a martial arts class once a week. I am however trying to be more active and have started going to football training once a week.

    And that's what I don't understand....

    Most teenagers probably have a huge stash of crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy pop in the house and drink coke and guzzle fast food all the time but still stay slim.

    What's their secret?

    The only thing I can think of is perhaps they have faster metabolisms.

    It's just not fair

    Don't fret about it. Most of them will start spreading out in the next few years and become just as rotund as the average adult.

    Go to the gym, burn more calories . They're skinny compared to you probably but I've seen fatties during my time at sixth form.

    It's just the way their body works, you can't help it. I was one of those cursed skinny teens that ate grossly unhealthy food all the time and would get people whining that they wished they could do the same and not get fat.

    I'm trying to gain weight though; **** is it hard, wish this super metabolism would die down.


    I don't go to the gym, but I do try to eat fairly healthy. I do also have take out and junk food.

    Just take a look at Zoella, after all the junk she eats.. She's still so skinny.
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    (Original post by Quantex)
    Don't fret about it. Most of them will start spreading out in the next few years and become just as rotund as the average adult.
    Wouldn't that also mean that I would also start spreading out in the next few years and become fatter than the average adult??
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Updated: September 30, 2016
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