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Gold, Silver and Bronze Universities

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    (Original post by Joinedup)
    Well IMO don't be so blinded by the apparent prestige that you overlook the course structure, assessment burden etc.
    Course Structure is a legitimate concern and one I will look into with more detail when I have my first set of results. This will be a big decision and will require a lot more research then I have currently done.

    The point of the initial research was to get an idea of where I can go with what grades and to inspire me with what to shoot for. I would not apply to a university without knowing more about what the actual maths course follows.

    Good shout though.

    as for your second point, assessment burden, I am not quite sure what you mean with this do you mean Course work to exam ratio? or are you talking about the difficulty of the work load and the amount of work.

    if the former this is a good shout again and definitely something I would look at when I have grades to narrow it down to ten, I would prefer more exam then coursework as Exam is right or wrong you know what you need to do to get a first, Coursework is more open and may require subjective things like explaining this well with words or did you do further research then just taught in class.

    I would not want my degree classification to be vulnerable to subjective judgement on how well i presented a project etc, however I do think getting used to writing mathematical studies and reports is still important. I would prefer something like 75% exam 25% coursework but would not complain with 100% exam. I just would like to avoid 50/50 or etc.

    if your referring to the latter well my first half grades will dictate where I can apply. If a Cambridge degree would be beyond me exams and steps would rule me out of that. same applies to well everywhere that is what exams are for, If I am good enough to get the grades and obtain an offer I should be fine for coping with the course. I am not afraid of hard work I want the university I go to, to work me hard I am spending a lot of money on this and want to get the most out of it.


    Stanmore college should be platinum

    (Original post by Man_Like_$)
    Stanmore college should be platinum
    is that an american university or is it one of the oxbridge colleges?

    or is it some not so good university that you are been silly with?

    (Original post by Luke7456)
    is that an american university or is it one of the oxbridge colleges?

    or is it some not so good university that you are been silly with?
    Greatest university ever
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Updated: October 14, 2016
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