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Can I still get ESA, I failed the assessment with 0 points.

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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    There's a lot of that on a FB group. They list the conditions they have and how they take some 20 tablets a day and still get turned down. Ignoring the fact that none of these matter. The conditions that impact on me most, I don't take medication for.

    I'm not sure why the OP has mentioned riding in his submission. That will go against you.
    20 tablets / doses of meds a day is in the grand scheme of things bugger all

    twist your ankle and you'll be dropping 16 tablets a day ( 8 paracetamols and 8 200 mg ibuprofens) ...

    couple of types of pain medications ( remember there;s 4 groups of pain killers , paracetamol, NSAIDs, Opiates and the 'atypical' stuff like gabas / drugs originally used as anti convulants or antidepressants but now used for nerve pain ), plus anti depressant plus anything you need for other conditions and it can be 20 tabs at a sitting never mind 20 a day ...

    a lot of the FB chronic condition / disability groups are full of drama llamas who feed off each others 'pity piety' egged on by the Party Political agitators ( who get VERY nasty should a health professional dare to point of the fallacies in use and that the WCA and PIP assessments are about activities of daily lving / work related activities of living ... )

    but 'functional' is a dirty word in those kinds of circles - becasue it means people doing things and not being spoon fed by mummy and pitied and patted on the head by all and sundry

    Appeal and give strong evidence.

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Updated: October 15, 2016
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