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Henry Price Accommodation : Everything you need to know

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    I am in my first year of study at the University of Leeds and I currently live in the Henry Price accommodation. When I was applying, there didn’t seem to be much information except a post on TSR which was from many years ago and some of it is now outdated so I thought I would post a new one.

    I will try to include everything, I have only been here for 2 weeks and 2 days but it feels like I have been here forever , because of that there may be things I’m not aware of yet but I will come back an update when I need to.


    What room you get is really just a gamble, there are about three different sized rooms in each flat. Room 1 is always the biggest which is basically a double room you get a couch and more storage space and an en suite! The remaining rooms are pretty similar however some are smaller as there are more narrow than others.

    In every room you get a desk, two large draws under your bed, a bedside table, a wall mirror (not floor length) two notice boards, a wardrobe, a bin and a shared bathroom between two.

    The beds are single and they’re fine, some people have mentioned them being too short, this isn’t the case nobody I know has said the can’t sleep comfortably. The draws underneath are really big which is really useful and then next to it there’s another space which could have another draw in but the bedside table is in the way. You may want to bring an under the bed box to put in this one. There is a notice board on the wall which runs the length of your bed which is nice for decorating and making it homelier, however, the boards are extremely difficult to push pins into which can be a bit annoying.

    The desks are quite large and have two shelves above them which you can’t really see when looking at the photos online. Now some rooms have four draws going down the side also which are really handy however, other rooms just have more shelves underneath instead. The larger of the standard rooms have the draws and that’s why they are wider than the narrower rooms (I hope I’m making sense.) All of the desk are at the end of the room looking out of a window, depending on which side you are, you will either be looking out onto the street or onto a lovely grassy field.

    Again with the wardrobe it depends on the room you are in. All of the rooms have a double door wardrobe with some narrow shelving on one side and then a railing on the other. However, on the railing side some rooms have a really deep wardrobe that you can fit a lot of clothes in whilst others have a really narrow one and you can barely put more than 5-10 hangers on the railing which can be quite difficult. Some wardrobes also have space at the top for storage boxes and things but not all do.
    The rooms are a really nice size and definitely big enough to live in, I have absolutely no complaints.


    The shared bathroom is in between your room and the flat mate that you are sharing with so you have your own private pathway into their room which is great if you become good friends. There seems to be a lot of confusion with whether the bathroom’s lock. The bathroom does lock, it is a special system so you have to be inside the bathroom with both doors shut and then you can press a button to lock and unlock it from inside. This way there is no way you can lock each other out of the bathroom. There is also a look for your bathroom door on the outside so that you can lock your door to stop your flat mate from being able to get into you room. The bathroom itself is pretty standard with a sink, toilet and shower cubicle. From looking at the pictures I thought it was a wet room, it isn’t it is a cubicle with two shelves so that you both have one for you shower stuff. The showers are really nice and pretty powerful, no complaints there. Honestly if sharing a bathroom is concerning you, I wouldn’t worry, sharing with one other person is no different to sharing at home with your family. You will also be sharing with the same sex if that is something which is worrying you.


    The kitchen and dining area are together but I’m going to split them into two sections.

    In the kitchen you have three fridges, iron, iron board, kettle, three bins oven, two oven tops with four oven rings (8 rings all together) and two microwaves. There are a mixture of draws and cupboards.

    There isn’t really enough space for everyone there isn’t enough draws for one each and people tend to use under the bed storage for some cupboard food as there is not enough space however you make it work, it really isn’t make or break. The kitchen is fine no complaints it doesn’t come with a toaster so you will need to pick one up yourself but wait until you get down there so you don’t end up with four.

    Dining Area

    The dining area is two tables pushed together and three couch type seating. It is big enough for the nine of you to fit and its quite a nice atmosphere. It can also double as three beds if you have people staying! It is just like what you see on the gallery online. You also get a notice board where you can put anything that is given to you as a flat and they provide you with a cleaning Rota and fire safety stuff.

    The reception area is in-between block C and D and this is where you go to collect your mail and speak to the wardens. They are open between 10-12 and 4-10 or something like that, I may have to come back and change it. You share a mail box with your flat so they have access to any letters you may receive. You use your flat key to open the mail box.


    I actually haven’t don’t any washing yet so I will update this when I do.


    There is a cleaner who cleans the hallways and takes the bins out every week day however she does not come on the weekends so you just do it yourself instead. They also clean the bathrooms every four weeks.

    Noise curfew

    The noise curfew is supposed to be 11 and this is when you turn your music however so far they have been quite lenient, we make noise right through to early hours and we haven’t had any complaints. However, this could change as we get further into the year.


    There are five floors in each block and there are two flats on each floor with nine people so it is a really sociable hall. There I no lift so if you’re on floor five it will be a mission getting your stuff up there!

    I think Henry price is great accommodation and you are to minutes from the uni which really helps as well. I’ve honestly got no complaints.
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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