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Applying for masters in the US

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    Hello Everyone.

    I am currently reading Engineering at Warwick University, going into my penultimate year. Quick background on me, I got all A's in my A Levels, all A*s/A's in my GCSEs and have received a 2.1 in my first year of study. That might not be relevant, as it may all depend on my GRE and final degree score, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway.

    I want to apply for (as well as other related american courses) the Cornell MEng in Biological and Environmental Engineering as, for me, it seems to be the perfect fit for my academic interests especially when I studied Biological/ BME in my first year. I've decided that I want to study in the states which is why I've come off the MEng at Warwick and turned to the BEng, so I can save and do the MEng in the states.

    Now, I've heard that for international medical applicants, you must live in the US for a year prior to completing the application for med school. Is this the same for all postgraduate degrees, grad schools?

    I am predicted a 2.1/1st in my degree, so was wondering, when do I apply to the MEng? Do I do so during my 3rd year of university? So if an offer comes, it is a condition based on my year 3 result? Or do I complete my BEng first and then apply with everything achieved.

    I finish by July 2018. If I apply straight away, when would the start date be?

    I know many students that have headed off to the Ivy league (and the UCs/ Stanford), who did their UG studies at Warwick, but I don't talk to them enough to ask for help so I thought I'd turn to this.

    In order to summarise, I am basically asking for advice on when to apply and for what start date.

    Also, is there an interview system too for the masters?

    Thank you for reading, hoping to hear back from someone soon!

    (Original post by zk2)
    In order to summarise, I am basically asking for advice on when to apply and for what start date.
    Have you asked Cornell?

    Edit to add:
    They have dates and typical procedures here:

    (Original post by zk2)
    In order to summarise, I am basically asking for advice on when to apply and for what start date.

    Also, is there an interview system too for the masters?
    Hey there,

    First off, there are too many US universities for anything to be standard, definitely do as jneill said and email Cornell directly. They should have application dates listed.

    I know of many universities where you will apply in November/December for starting in August/September the year after. So, you'll be applying before you get your Bachelor's - this is common though and you'll still be considered even though you don't technically have a degree. I'm not too sure how "conditionals" work, I've never heard of anyone who has been offered a place "only if they get a first", for example, but it may well happen.

    If you seem a suitable candidate, the university may fly you out (or at least invite you over) for a tour of the lab you're interested in, and so you can meet the faculty.

    For engineering with the GRE, and especially for somewhere like Cornell, you'll need to get as close to acing the quantitative section as possible. The content isn't difficult, there's just a lot of it. The verbal is the next important, and I've talked to professors who say they don't even look at the writing scores.

    For your application, your letters of rec will be incredibly important. Ensure you have three solid references. Also, for grad school, having relevant experience (whether research or industry related) will help a tonne.

    Hope this helps,

    Undergraduate Rep
    School of Engineering
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