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Student Stereotypes

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    Which Leeds Student Stereotype Are You?
    The university year has officially started again. As the freshers settle into their new university life and returning students are forced to wake from their summer break, they shake off the heat and get back to studying. With Leeds being voted the Britain’s best city for quality of life there’s no wonder the city has become such a popular choice of study for UK and international students. Even more so after the The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 offered Leeds University ‘The University of the Year’ award. All Leed’s students are aware of the rivalry between the universities situated in the city and the student stereotypes that come along with them. Leeds University, Leeds Beckett University and even Leeds Trinity University are all guilty of fanning the friendly competition between them. With this in mind, Parklane Properties have put together a fun student generator for Leeds students and even their Alumni to see what kind of student stereotype you fit in based on your life at university. Following the flowchart to answer a series of yes/no questions will reveal your stereotype and a fun profile to match. October 5th will see this rivalry commence with Leeds Varsity, the biggest sporting event of the year between arch rivals University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. Including 60 fixtures across 25 different sports the day will then conclude the final of the Men's Rugby Final which attracts an audience of over 12,000 students. Varsity gives the Leeds university societies a chance to come together and cross paths with a mixture of students. Even if you aren’t in a sports team, the Varsity events brings both universities together When Leeds students were asked about their opinions on the different student stereotypes they said they would be able to place students into a stereotype based on the way they dress and their behaviours. Many freshers identified the main stereotypes at Leeds Universities to be a mixture of sporty, artistic and musical based on the courses all three universities offer. These stereotypes will feature in the quiz along with 4 others that are most commonly found throughout the Leeds Universities. Whether you think you’re a ‘party goer’, the ‘mother of the group’ or the ‘big name on campus’ the generator will tell you which group you really belong in and why. Link to the generator: https://www.parklaneproperties.com/b...otype-are-you/

    "The Tech Geek". LOL. I think The Gamer better suits me. Dragged my TV, PS3, PS4, and Wii U to uni with me. My breaks were spent playing on my 3DS while sat with two guys who also brought theirs in everyday.

    Leeds students are the dumb/ average hos and the plank brained lads at from back in high school

    (Original post by Pinkberry_y)
    Leeds students are the dumb/ average hos and the plank brained lads at from back in high school


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Updated: October 7, 2016
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