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Housemate problems.

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    Hi, I got on pretty well with my flatmates during fresher's but now it feels like they are trying to exclude me. For example, they were all sitting in the kitchen chatting with each other and when I came in they all left about one minute after each other. Then last night I was trying to sleep when I heard one say to another one that she was going to bed and the other one said "don't worry about *my name*". That really upset me as its clear they've been talking about me but I don't know what? I want to confront them about that but I don't know if I should

    I've done nothing to offend them and I've tried really hard to be friendly and outgoing but they seemed to have decided to ignore me, like we originally had a group chat but a few have left and I've overheard them talk about having a new group chat without me.

    Another issue is that they've got a friend who always comes over, but he seems to not like me so when they go out they don't invite me as he doesn't want me to come. I have no idea why this person has all the say but I guess my housemates wouldn't want me to come anyway

    I feel really upset as thing started off really well between us but now I feel excluded. I was thinking about trying to sit down with them and talk about how I feel, and if they don't change I might apply for a transfer into another accommodation.

    Sounds like you have a plan. I would only suggest to wait a little to be sure that what you're saying is true and not the result of your overthinking.
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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