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AQA Computer Science 2017 Paper 1 (Preliminary Material)

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    Hi everyone, started this thread for anyone currently doing the new AQA A-Level. If anyone wants to contribute, I have created a google doc so please add to this:

    This file is for the Foxes and Rabbits preliminary material - for the exam in June 2017.
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    (Original post by mahmzo)
    Have youfully got to grips with the PM I am still abit confused around the wholeconcept haha.
    I believe so, it is quite different from the AS - nothing really needs fixing this year, thus it is quite difficult to guess the questions they could ask. If you need anything explaining, just ask and I will try my best to help out.

    Some questions that my class has come up with:
    1)Constraints for number of animals placed (when option two is selected)
    2)When a fox dies and you try to inspect it the program doesnt print anything so, maybe print something?
    3) Display number of rabbits born that period
    4) Validation for menu options for the coordinate input (it crashes if nothing is enter)
    5)Display a message when a cell with no fox is selected for fox inspection...Adding a loop too.

    Has the preliminary material already been released and given to teachers and students? I haven't received anything from my teacher so far

    If anyone has it in Python and wouldn't mind sending it to me I'd be extremely grateful
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Updated: October 22, 2016
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