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BSc Real Estate Entry 2017

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    Now that the Open Days have finished, I thought I'd start a new thread for those applying for the BSc Real Estate programme area for Sept 2017 entry. I am happy to respond to questions or advise on issues over the next 9 months as people complete their UCAS forms, receive offers, attend Visit Days (in Feb and March) and wait nervously for their exam results in August. At this stage, I wish everyone the very best of luck and encourage you all to work as hard as possible to get the best grades you can!

    Joe Doak,
    REP UG Admissions Tutor,
    Henley Business School,
    University of Reading
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    Here's some photos from our October Open Days. We enjoyed them: 'hope you did too!
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    (Original post by banana222)
    i have a few questions as I have applied for this course and I'm yet to hear back from Reading. How does it compare to that of Planning and real estate in Manchester and UCL as I would like to know which on of the three to hopefully firm? how long does it normally take to be offered a place for this course? does Reading send acknowledgment emails as i have not received one yet although i applied more than a week ago?

    Our central admissions team usually acknowledge applications quickly and then make offers ASAP (within a week or so, depending on information provided). I've looked at the applications submitted for our 3+1 real estate and planning programme and the first 7 apps are currenty being considered. We received the first of those on 14th Oct, so it's still early days!

    With regard to your decision on firming the offers, that really comes down to your preference! I hope that you have researched each of those courses/Uni's and attended the Open days. We are very confident about our planning offer at Reading and the quality of the student experience. However, offer holders have to 'look into their souls' and make their own decision. Best of luck in that.

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Updated: October 17, 2016
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