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Hypnotherapy for insecurities/anxiety

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    Has anyone here ever had some hypnotherapy to help with anxiety/insecurities?

    I'm really considering it. I'm 26, I seem normal and happy but I still have lots of insecurities deep down that affect me and also social anxiety. Sometime's when triggered these insecurities come out and I've witnessed people suddenly acting differently to me, I can tell they are thinking "this guy is weird" or they feel sorry for me. Maybe it's my pride but there's nothing more frustrating than having people feel sorry for me.

    I lived in 5 different countries and 4 different primary schools as a kid. I was always short and skinny as a kid and looked a lot younger than my peers so I got teased and bullied. From year 7 - year 12 I literally had NO friends at all, even outside of school, apart from my sisters and parents I had no family in the uk. I just closed up and didn't speak to ANYONE in my school at all, a few words to teachers but that's it, it was like my way of making myself feel safe but of course people thought I was weird for not speaking and thought I was mentally disabled. I recently discovered something called 'Selective Mutism' and I think I definitely had that. Eventually I started playing online MMO video games and made some 'online' friends there, might seem silly but it really did help me to cope. Eventually I decided to move to a new college and my life changed for the better, I'm improved a lot since then.

    For some reason sitting having dinner/lunch around a table with people gets me nervous, even my own friends. I get anxious and insecure and find it hard to make eye contact. Nothing to do with the act of eating, it's just because I'm scared of being judged and my face going red and people seeing me get embarrassed. I know that when we are sat around a table, if someone engages me in conversation, all attention and eyes will be on me, which gets me really nervous.

    Also when ever someone brings up the topic of relationships with me, for example one time a friend of mine was joking with me about setting me up with a girl he knows, In my mind I KNOW HE WAS JOKING, but something in my head just trigger and I get reallly embarassed and anxious. Maybe I'm insecure about being single as well?

    I also can't handle banter. There's been so many times where people make a joke to me in friendly banter. In my mind I fully know they are joking and I sometimes even find it funny, but my brain and body just reacts badly to it and I get really insecure and anxious. A lot of times people notice this and they feel like I can't take a joke, or they feel bad that they offended me, even though I'm not actually offended because I know they are joking! So frustrating.....

    That's so sad. I knew a girl who saw a hypnotist to help her with her gymnastics. She went for about a year, but I don;t think it made her any better at it but she got better because it made her more confident. I was once hypnotised at a stage show which was really weird as I was made to do all these dumb embarrassing things but after I had no memory of it at all, but m8 had filmed some on her phone and it was weird to see it, was like I was watching someone impersonating me. and I was in a chat room once as well. So I guess it does work for some people and in different ways. Good luck.

    I had the same issues through school, started off well making loads of friends through year 7-11 but as soon as sixth form hit I lost all my friends and essentially had none. I did the same, started playing games (MMOs included) and made the friends I have today.
    However I didnt have any therapy or anything like that, I went to my doctor and he said I was showing signs of anxiety/social anxiety, paranoia e.t.c and he prescribed me Propranolol to help with attacks (not sure if you've had them, but it can help calm me down in situations where my anxiety might be bad. So public events, meals, meetups e.t.c) and a few leaflets for help lines. I guess I combat most of the anxiety and insecurities by digging down to why I worry in the first place?

    Maybe try to find why you are feeling so insecure and anxious? This reply probably doesnt help all that much, just wanted to let you know that you're not on your own in this, loads of people in the same boat ^_^

    Hope you can work through this Anon, feel free to reply and I'll try my best :P
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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