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    I'm really sorry about how long this is gonna be, but I think it's important to get all the context to see why I'm having such a struggle here. Please bear with me!

    I'm an 18 year old fresher who started studying Mental Health Nursing at Leeds Beckett University on the 30th of August. As you might be thinking, that's a lot earlier than pretty much any course you can think of at most universities. I found it weird starting that early, with the entire block of flats being completely empty for almost a month with only the 3 others in my flat (all nurses) and another group of 9 nurses downstairs being people available to socialise with.

    There are a number of problems I've found with this. First of all, as you'd expect the majority of nursing cohorts at universities tend to be predominantly female. I am male, and throughout my life I've definitely found myself to be a bit of a "bloke" (contrary to what you might stereotype as a male nurse) and so found it strange to have only one male in my flat as a friend. The rest of the chaps on the course tend to be mature students, so other than the fella in my flat I've only really connected with one other lad on the course who's a few years older than me. He, however, lives in a house with friends he's already made in the other course he was taking before transferring.

    Back on the topic of being in a vastly empty accommodation for a month, I feel that this really made me unprepared for Freshers' Week. I found it difficult to come to terms with a huge crowd of people covering the common room areas etc. when we nursing students had been roaming it alone for so long. Also, since we'd already started our lectures while these newcomers didn't have theirs for another few weeks, it meant that we couldn't throw ourselves into Freshers' like they could (since I had 9am lectures) and therefore I didn't make any friends during it.

    With all these factors combined, it's left me with maybe 2 or 3 male friends (1 of which I rarely see outside of lectures) and female friends who I'd say I'm moderately in touch with. But as I've mentioned, I'm a "man's man" and thus have found it hard to be on the same wavelength as them. I'm going to join a society that has a meeting this Thursday to see if I can make pals there. What I was really trying to get at with this long story is: is it understandable under all these contexts that I haven't made the kind of friends I'd connect with, or have I simply not been trying hard enough to seek them out?

    I guess it's just difficult to see all these people going out, hitting the town when I'm sat in my room worrying about my social life.
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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