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NVQ Child care level 2

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    could anyone help me on this question please not sure what to do.

    Plan a room plan to meet children and young people's physical social emotional, language and intellectual needs taking into account thier age, gender,culture, ethnicity, needs and abitlitys. give the reasons for the key features of your plan

    If anyone can help i will be so happy thanks xxx
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    Basically just say how you would meet a child's needs in those different areas, e.g. language and intellectual needs you could have books for them to look at/read. Physical - you could have an area of the room where small children could run around. Social - the whole thing would meet social needs because other children/people will be around. Etc.

    Not sure if that'll help, probably not! PM me if you want anymore help and I'll try.
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    can any1 help wiv dese questions
    how can individual styles of interaction effect teamworking ?
    what barriers can there be to developing relationships within the team and how can these be overcome ?
    what problems can be encounetered when relating to and interacting with other team members, how can these be handled ?
    what are your own strengths and weaknesses as an individual worker and as a team player ?
    what development and learning opportunities are available to you to support you in teamworking and activities ?


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