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Age 24 and all of my friends are settling down

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    (Original post by emilyyou)
    I've just turned 24, live with my Dad and I'm currently single (and have been for a while now). Meanwhile, all of my closest friends are in long term relationships, buying houses, planning on getting engaged etc.

    I just feel like I'm really immature and 'behind' in life. Nobody wants to go out for a few drinks anymore and on the rare occasion that we do, the conversations are focused on houses, joint bank accounts, marriage and future kids. It's really getting me down at the moment.

    Somebody please tell me they're in the same boat
    Erm my friends have boyfriends but none of them are looking to get married or buy a house and have kids yet, they're doing masters and working on their careers ... I dunno where you're from but I think your friends might just be being a tad ott in their rush to get these things sorted at this age. Do they have good jobs lined up and stuff too?

    Anyway where've you been haven't you seen all these articles about us poor millenials how we can't afford to buy homes etc and the older generations have screwed us over in so many ways? Live by this and just try your best knowing that you don't need to feel like a failure and if you do blame it all on them joke... obviously but still surely there wouldn't be so many articles and stuff around if there wasn't some truth in it all. I think times are hard for our generation and if all your friends aren't struggling with any of it then they're the lucky few. You are not alone in the grand scheme of things don't worry and just do your best under the circumstances! Stay on track for your goals long term.

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    (Original post by stefano865)
    I thought this **** happened when people hit 30.

    Hit me at 18, people are settling down faster these days believe me.

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    (Original post by YouHaveProblems)
    1. That's not bullying
    2. She is a woman
    3. Studentroom is mainly targeted at teenagers, and even if she is still studying she is deciding to spend her time on a sight filled with inexperience immature kids talking about sex or other stupid things.
    4. What you said to me is easily considered bullying, and much more worse than what i said.
    5. Who said i was a man
    6. stfu
    I thought "The Student Room" was mainly aimed towards anyone who is a student not teenagers?

    Tbh what you said was a little unnecessary.

    I'm 26. Most (not all) of my pals are in long term relationships and quite successful in life by my standards. It's dead easy to perceive their grass as very green from our own points of view, and I admit it has driven me to mild panic in the recent past.

    For me it has been important to realise that although my life is far from perfect I take comfort in being able to do things and have plans that others either can't or don't want to do. For example, I envisage living abroad before settling down.

    I'm 27 and not in a long term relationship yet or even buying a house. I'm just starting my career to be honest.

    Relax, you're only 24.

    I understand, I have cousins who are younger who have started careers and thinking of settling down and buying houses. However, that is them and their life.

    However, you are only 24, which is a very young age. Focus on yourself and what makes you happy, do things that make you happy.

    Things will fall into place when it should happen.

    If you really want to be in a relationship, try online dating, speed dating, joining clubs out of interest, asking your family or friends to hook you up with someone or even being more approachable.

    Boost your confidence, wear good clothes, focus on your own life and make it a happy place to be.

    (Original post by James.Carnell)
    That means **** all seriously. You need to get a ****ing grip.

    Jobs these days pay sweet **** all. I am now saving more by personal ventures than I did when i was doing 9-6. They are more than likely poor as **** with a family life that most people get bored of. Ok, maybe I am different in that all I care about is money. But, I really see no redeeming benefit from all of that kids and mortgage **** you go on about. Really the only frustrating aspect of my life is that I have not made it in a career yet... but really how many people are being paid big bucks? You think their 40k a year jobs are enough? Your standards are low man and you are a lot better than you think. Get a grip. You can be hugely successful, you need to focus on the fundamentals first. That is, personal success. The rest of what you may want will follow.
    40k is not enough in this day and age. I expect to be earning that by the time I'm 30

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