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Book Recommendations?

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    If you like crime, try Jo Nesbo.

    He does Norweigan based detective books featuring his main character, Harry Hole but my two faves in the series is Devil's Star & The Snowman.

    Great reads!

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    (Original post by BobSausage)
    May I recommend you don't read Robert Jordan's 'The Wheel Of Time' series.
    It is an interesting first book, I'll give him that, but after that it just goes down hill: 13 books each 700-1000 pages of tiny print and bulking out the story line way in excess of anything necessary the Americans rave about it being better than the Lord of the Rings, but really it is an over-rated incredibly boring mundane and repetitive waste of time.
    I have even managed to find spelling mistakes an grammatical errors, it's not even because it's the American spelling it's just literally wrong.
    It is also so slow, nothing happens for about 600 pages in the middle of each book and the first 100 pages of the next one are just recapping what happened in the last one.
    Just don't waste your time.
    Will do :P

    Lolita's a really good read providing you're not easily disgusted.

    A street cat called bob

    Kokoro by Natsume Souseki~

    the girl on the train
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