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I have no REAL friends. I am lonely af, my plea for advice.

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    I am 16 and in high school.

    As a person, I am quite out-going, sociable and generally talkative. In school I speak to more or less everyone. I have no problem meeting new people or anything like that but I have no real friends and I genuinely don't know how?

    The complicated part is below

    Friend Group 1- So, at school I am friends with these guys who live in the same town as me but they've all known each-other for years and live nearby each-other and are a really tight-knit group, I've been to parties with them before, I know more or less everything about all of them and spend all of my school days with them but they aren't really my true friends. They have parties and drink at each others house all the time and I am never invited along, I am invited rarely if it's a big occasion like a birthday or something but sometimes they just drink at their house and I am never invited? I am friends with all of them and pretty close too, I trust them somewhat and they trust me, I really think so anyway. They're, 'group' also consists of girls which I am really close with as well probably more so than the boys in that actual group but I still don't feel like I am their 'friend friend'. Like, what do I do? I speak to them on snapchat sometimes but I just feel like I am being needy to be friends/ get plans.

    Friend Group 2- These are my 'friends' who have left school. I was probably closer to them when they were at school compared to group 1 but I don't see them as often as they are all working now. These boys all play football so they are quite tight-knit in that sense but I don't play sports but I am still kind of, some-what friends with them. They go to parties all the time but again, I am never invited along. I've been to loads and loads of parties with them before but I never really get asked anymore even though I am with them during the week/weekend. They are probably the more rowdy bunch but I am not exactly perfect myself, and I am used to being with the rowdy bunch. I am a lot more mature than all of them but I still joke and have fun with them.

    Throughout high school I've always been stuck between multiple groups and I've never stuck in a single friend group. I've been in more or less every single friend group that exists within my school, some I never communicate with now just because we drifted. But, I am pretty close with these 2 friend groups but I get asked out rarely and it's really annoying and actually angering me? I drink at parties maybe like 2 times a month if I am lucky, and that's pitiful imo compared to how often my 'friends' are out. They drink/party more but I am never informed.

    This is probably far too long but I need help. I don't know if I am over-thinking and over-reacting or just being a dick. Has anyone experienced the same thing? What did you do?

    My family said it's my own-doing and I don't try hard enough to try and speak to them but I feel like I shouldn't need to be speaking to them all the time, I just feel like I am annoying them and acting like I am desperate to get plans.

    I feel stupid for posting this but idk what the actual **** to do??????????

    Thanks for reading this if anyone does and listening to my disastrous non-existent social-life.
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    Bump, please help
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Updated: October 18, 2016
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