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hayes wharf

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    this is what i got - looks nice tho

    any opinions?
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    A couple of my friends are moving in there for their second year. they were dead impressed with it and one of them is very hard to please!
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    hmm... its nice i guess, i lived there last year... the showers are poo though and the rooms get VERY cold in the winter
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    cheap mass produced student accomodation with bad management and excessive damage bills. just the usual stuff really

    don't burn the worktop, or it will cost £400

    edit: oh yeah expect the water to be cut off for at least a few days every month, normally happens
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    There wasn't much of an atmosphere when I lived there, it was pretty quiet. Then again I did share my flat with a grand total of two people. The lift broke a lot too - what fun it was having to lug everything down 4 flights of stairs when I was moving out.
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    Is this the accomodation you get put in when you apply for the Student Village?
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    Nope, Hayes Wharf is privately owned, it's on the oppisite side of the river from courts (Student Village)
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    Though sometimes Hayes Wharf like some of the others has to deal with the overflow of the Student Village. I got some facts and figures that 1200 students applied for halls this year and we only have 990 rooms
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    oh yes the excessive damage bills... £5 per bin bag they have to take down?! as if! luckily they dont have my new house address so they cant harrass me for any money, I refuse to pay god knows how much for a workstop that there was the smallest little ink stain on, plus i lost the shower cutain in the bathroom, oops! and no there isnt much of an atmosphere, only ever spoke to one person who didnt live in my flat at hayes wharf the whole year!
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    You lost the shower curtain?
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    i changed it for a prettier one... and then when it came to packing up and leaving i couldnt find that damn shower curtain anywhere!.. I also lost a trainer as well, I think there's a thief at hayes wharf!
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    A thief after a shower curtain and single trainers... lol!

    sounds intresting!
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    you guys are really making look forward to coming to lincoln ...0_o
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    oh no its a good location really, right opposite nibbles, 2 minute walk from bars, 5 minutes from town... but it certainly aint party central at hayes wharf.. the lady who's the manager there is really nice though
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    Is hayes wharf the teeny ones with the little beds? I think I've been there...
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    its the really tall building next to the bridge.. the beds arent especially tiny, but they definately aint doubles
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    I'm staying at Hayes Wharf this year, it doesn't look too bad. Beds definately aren't a double like they said they were, more like queen size but its still bigger than the bed ive got at home
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    peebz what number ???
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    Hey, I just got back from Lincoln and viewing my room in Hayes Wharf. pretty good stuff. What flats are you guys in? I'm in E block, Flat 2. only thing I cant work out is my address lol.
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    I'm in E block and then i dont know if she said flat 2 or flat 28? i dunno i misheard her... so im waiting for the post!


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