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Returning student - no letters or anything?

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    Last year I changed course around Febuary from Maths to Accounting, Business Finance & Management, after about 2 months deliberation I got confirmed an offer from the Management school, so went on a leave of absence (they said it was too late to start the course that year).

    Anyway, so seeing as I was a first year student again, I thought I'd be in uni accommodation again? But I've just realised I've not received anything at all. My webmail is still 'switched off' as is a lot of the things I want to use (my username has been disabled whilst I was on a leave of absence).

    Has anyone else re-done their first year, and if so do they treat you like a first year? I'd just assumed I'd be lumped in with this years freshers...

    Really worried now, in fact I don't have any hard proof I'm on the management course, I just remember having a meeting where the nice lady who's in charge of that kind of thing said that it was all alright now, been ok-ed by the governors or something, and she'd see my in september! (Well, october now)

    As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm quite worried. I've not looked into private accomodation at all.

    Anyone I know who repeated the first year didn't get on campus accomodation. I think you really need to ring up your new department first thing tomorrow and ask them what should be happening, then ring up accomodation office and ask if you will be getting an on campus room, if you aren't then look on websites like Sinclairs and the Uni small ads for rooms and come down to York for the day to look at them. For your computing username, give them a ring as well and get them to switch you back on again, i would do that after your department. It's a lot of ringing but it's the only way to be sure!
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    Oh right then. Thing is in February existing students were invited to apply for left over on-campus accomodation for 2007/2008 but it said that did not apply to students on academic leave and I can't remember why (may have been one of the staff) I was under the impression I would just be classed as a fresher again.

    It's pretty tricky trying to ring them though because I've got a summer job on as well! But thanks for the info.

    You could email most of them but be prepared for a 5-10 day wait at this time of year and it sounds pretty urgent. Can you get 1/2 a day off work to sort it all out? Or an extended lunch hour.
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    I called and they said only first year freshers completely get uni accommodation. I should have applied in February, though on the email i received it said those on academic leave weren't included. So who knows. Looks like I'll be looking for somewhere to stay, hope I can find somewhere with people I get on with, last year I didn't really speak to any of the people in my accommodation as they were on busy courses and were only in a couple of hours before they went to sleep!

    Apparently my SNS evision thing hasn't been updated and they've lost my details so I'm up **** creek without a paddle (still says Maths). They don't really understand why though. I'll have to talk to them tomorrow, thanks so much for your help


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