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How long did you revise?

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GCSE grade boundaries are here - GO> 23-08-2016

    (Original post by Suc-Cesc!!!)
    Ahhh......the classic 'I hardly revised at all and I got 10 A*' :rolleyes:
    hahaha! i know what you are talking about.
    I revised 3 hours a day in easter holidays and study leave, but none during the exam period. however 90% of my time was put into maths, and it paid off.

    Thats an interesting question...!

    For maths I did about 3 hours a day for three weeks! And got an A*. Physics and history I only found out what was actually on the exams the day before and probably revised for an hour in total and still got A*s...

    French I just resigned myself to the fact that I hated it and did none...and pulled off an A! Don't ask me how, I really don't know I wasn't expecting higher than a B at most.

    Everything else was about 3-4 hours the week before.

    Overall I got 8A*s and 2As.

    My revision only began in the easter holidays for the sciences, i had a lot to do considering i did no revision for my mocks; learning the spec, past papers etc. The night before i'd look over each specification just to make sure i knew the relevant info. Maths past paper practice also began for me at the start of the easter holidays. English lang and lit - last night cramming of poem notes. Re, last night cramming of the syllabus, and a bit before that during the easter holidays..History was just learning everything in detail, which began in the easter holidays. No revision for drama. And French..ha ha ha...yes i remember teaching myself how to construct the pluperfect tense, conditional tense, and future tense endings the night before my writing exam...i think that's what they were called, well i remember cramming in how to construct various tenses anyway...
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    (Original post by oliv3r)
    1hr a day the month before exams.
    30mins a day the month before that.

    I got 10A*s (Eng, Fre, Mat, Bio, Che, Phy, RS, Ger, Lat, Eco) and an A (Eng Lit) .
    Yes O.k.....................

    About an hour's revision for each exam (not subject) either the morning or night before the exam.

    I didn't revise until extremely close to the exams.
    Procrastinating was starting to hurt my head.
    When I did revise I don't know how long it was, but I know it wasn't extremely long like "5 hours a day" that my friends so commonly did.
    The first exams were the most difficult because you've got information about the other exams to come still winding around your head.

    I was lazy and waited until about 3 weeks before the exams :p: !
    I worked better under the pressure tho...n even tho i'd been off school for nearly a term i still managed to get 2A*s 8As n 1B + 1B from last yr tht i did diddlysquat for!!
    I wouldn't recommend my approach tho...I think I could have done much better if i'd been more focused and started earlier.
    My advice would be to find a way that u learn comfortably
    I made up songs...that I can still remember now hehe! I looked at the specifications and absorbed every bit of information :p: !
    Which is probably the opposite approach than what I took...
    but hey if someone learns from my mistakes...I don't give a monkeys!

    K xxx

    well, i did not revise whatsoever the month b4 the exams!! or the week b4. i remember i was watching tv and playing ps2 actrually lol during study leave of 2 weeks. I really started revision during exams. You know, the day and night b4 the exam the next day, i remember i revised 10 hours at least just b4 every subject's exam, so about 4 hours sleep everyday. not very healthy i know, probabbly messed up my brain later cos now, i think i developed learning difficulties lol . still, i didnt do too bad...

    I literally revised only the day before each paper...so when I had two papers(or more) I did not sleep at all.

    Results: 8A*'s (English Lit Top 5 In Country), 1 A (+ ICT AS Level A)

    [QUOTE=[COLOR="Black"]shockcat[/COLOR]]I literally revised only the day before each paper...so when I had two papers(or more) I did not sleep at all.

    omg!!! are you my secret 'lost' twin??? even our grades are that similar!!!! 8a* too!!!

    I didn't really revise for either English, and I only revised for subjects like Spanish, Russian and R.S the night before. I did revise for Maths a LOT, though, and Science and History I revised for a bit more, too. If it wasn't for half term, I wouldn't have revised at all, I suddenly realised how unprepared I was and revised frenziedly for that entire week! I feel a bit of a fraud, because I know people that worked so hard and still didn't get the grades they wanted, and then there's me, not working that hard and still (somehow) getting the grades I did. I swear it's all down to my capacity to remember the stupidest little details...

    It made me realise how hard I have to work for A Level though, so now I'm really determined!

    Oh, wow. I revised the week before and the day of exams. Though I'm terrible at history, so I revised for something like a month before that. About three or four hours a day. I took lots of breaks though, apparently the brain can't concentrate for hours and hours.

    The amount of revision time I did varied; it depended solely on the subject I was concentrating on.
    For example, I probably invested most of my efforts into revising for Maths and Science, as they're easily my weakest areas - I spent about half an hour a day working on each about a month before the exams and then that gradually increased as the exams drew closer.
    I also attended weekly/daily revision classes in addition to the work I was doing at home... so it was probably a couple of hours a day on average about two weeks before the final exams.
    History took up a lot of my time, too; there was just so many facts and events to remember, so there was a lot of revision to do there, as well as some unfortunate cramming a couple of days before the exam(s).
    I don't necessarily think cramming is the best policy - it most certainly isn't - but it depends on the individual, really. I find it much easier to retain things I've only just covered, so going over a lot of things the night before was very beneficial to me.
    Because I was revising so much for some subjects I was scared of failing, some of my others became neglected - but I definitely think I couldn't have done much more preparation.
    I think we all must have done as much as we're capable of - everyone's grades are great!

    Very little for GCSEs... so guess who got complacent with AS levels!?! Yeah....... revise next year, people. You can get away with revising very little with GCSE, steps up a notch with A levels

    EDIT: Spelling error... can't be doin' with it!

    (Original post by holla_at_ya)
    Did jack all really....All the PP's and learnt the spec....Oh ye..I have near photographic memory....so ye...was easy...

    Ended up wit 8A* and 2A's....A's in Latin and History, both OCR!!

    I hate OCR...
    join the club, got As in eng and eng lit both OCR...

    i memorised the cgp books... on the weekend before the week of the exam..

    and... got 10 A*s.. w00t!

    na...... the important thing is to study hard in class, then you dont have to play catch up games l8r

    I kept saying I was going to start revising Easter, but I never did, then I started procrastinating about not revising over Easter and wasted more time... and hadn't started revising until the last 2 days of the next half term holiday... which I spent revising for French Orals, then after that, had a weekend to do English Lit which was the early exam.

    Then I wasted more time saying I was going to revise and never actually working so the only revision I really did was the week before the exam, where I did 3 hours a day, then I revised about 3 hours at the end of day of every exam and 4-5 hours in the weekend between the two exam weeks.

    The History Paper 2 was where I was really cutting it thin, I just did an exam in the morning (forgot what it was now), and had literally a few hours to revise... so I only revised Women's Suffrage (didn't have time for propaganda/recruitment, liberal reforms etc), and with A LOT of luck, it came up lol!!

    Rear guard action here, for anyone doing GCSEs, I really suggest starting around Easter time!! I was just lucky.

    Grades I got are in my sig.

    the night before the exam. unless i had two exams on the same day, which meant i studied the day before too. yay for photographic memory!
    however drama and art kind of took over my life at one point. both art coursework and my devised piece took me an insane amount of time to complete

    I started the last day of March (First day of Easter Holidays), and stopped on the 13th of June (Last exam). I had no days off.

    I started with 1-2 hours at the beggining, but come May I was doing 2-4 hours a day, exam days I was doing 4-8 hours.


    about 7 hours a day about a month before the exams.


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