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    Yup Come on Kelly!!

    The stadium seems really full today
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    Yep, good long jumps for them both. I just hope Sotherton's finally got her javelin sorted. If she has, then she's good for bronze hopefully... Kluft's just too damn good and I've been impressed by Blonska, so I can't really see past them getting gold, silver unless something majorly goes wrong.
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    Looks like the 400m girls id good too - all nicely through to the next round

    I was quite impressed by Christine Ohurugu in particularly
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    Yeah, I was impressed at how good Ohurugu was, considering she's hardly had any races. Sadly no 800m girls reached the final, but they still ran well today.

    Next on track, the men's 100m semis... I'm so excited! Asafa Powell FTW. :cool:
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    Some surprisingly slow times in the semis, I know theres a lot of kidology but still no sub 10 second times, not a lot of 10.1 times either. Devonish through the final, MLF just missed out :doh:

    Ennis looks a lot better on the javelin than Sotherton. She just stops at the point of delivery and makes a rather lame effort.
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    I knew if any Brit would make it through to the final, it would be Devonish... but unlucky for MLF to miss out by one-hundredth of a second. Pickering would be disappointed because he knows he can run faster. Erm... I'm thinking Gay might win later, although he did look really nervous. I'm so looking forward to Powell vs Gay, I just hope the former comes out on top! :p:

    Sometimes I just want to slap Sotherton - her javelin is so frustating! I really thought she had sorted it by now, but evidently not. She's fastest in the 800m though, so hopefully she can still get bronze.
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    Good javelin from Jessica Ennis really...while it wasn't a lot, 2 PBs is not bad at all..and she still looked disapointed, with that, which is god for the futre.

    Not the complete disaster from Kelly either. So think still looks good for the 800m
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    I definately think Kelly Sotherton can get that bronze medal,
    That Austra SKUJYTE has a PB of 2:15 with a SB of 2:19 for 800m.
    Kelly is way faster than that.

    Fingers still crossed
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    Lane 6 for Marlon Devonish in the 100m final.

    Interesting line up really too - 8 people from 8 differnet nations...don't see that too oftnne in the men's 100m final t the Olympics or Worlds...
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    Sadly, only Laura Turner has made it through to the 100m semis... but I'll doubt we'll see her in the final. Anyhoo, Veronica Campbell FTW.

    Yes, very rare for eight different countries to be represented in the men's 100m final.
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    Good runs by the girls.

    Brilliant bronze medal for Kelly an excellent performance by Jessica
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    Congrats to Kelly on her Bronze and Jessica on her fourth place!
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    I'm soooo happy for Kelly

    Congratz to Jess too
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    :bawling: FFS, Asafa!
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    Well done to Gay and Atkins, terrfic runs for first and second.

    Asafa Powell what a choker :rolleyes:

    Devonish did Ok in 6th, he would have had to ran a big PB to get a medal so he cant be too hard on himself.

    Well done to Sotherton on the bronze, although I cant help but being angry with her for having another really poor Javelin.
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    Gay ran an extremely composed race - quite the opposite to Powell, I'm afraid.
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    I'm still pissed off with Asafa... he just gave up at the end and didn't even try for the Silver. :mad: But, as much as it pains for me to say, well done to Gay.
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    He tightened up dreadfully; in a global final one would expect more from him in that regard. Sad really - he's a fine sprinter.

    But the Games are now the next major target. ;yes;
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    He better not let me down there too! :p:
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    Awww! :hugs:

    Well, he's got a lot to think about. I'd be shocked if Powell didn't win a global title at some point, and in the long run an Olympic gold is of course preferable.


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