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    (Original post by SuperDaz)
    Why on earth do we have no mens 200m running by the way? :confused:

    Did no one really not get the standard?

    Edit: oh I see only Devonish made it and decided to concentrate on the 100m. What on earth happened to Christian Malcolm.
    What? Really? That is the first time ever that I've know us not have anyone I think...maybe once back in the old days I might remember Linford Christie doing well in the 100m and then pulling out of the 200m despite being the only person in there.

    But to have no opne contest the 200m after no medal success in the 100mis a bit of a low point
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    One thing i have noticed is the amount of people wearing sunglasses. Is this simply because of flashes or just a personal decision such as fashion statement?
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    Heres the GB squad
    100m: Marlon Devonish, Craig Pickering, Mark Lewis-Francis, Tyrone Edgar (travelling reserve)
    400m: Martyn Rooney, Andrew Steele, Tim Benjamin, Rob Tobin (travelling reserve)
    800m: Michael Rimmer
    1500m: Andy Baddeley
    5000m: Mo Farah
    Marathon & IAAF World Cup: Peter Riley, Daniel Robinson
    3000m steeplechase: Andrew Lemoncello
    110m hurdles: Andy Turner
    400m hurdles: Dale Garland, David Greene (travelling reserve)
    High Jump: Martyn Bernard, Germaine Mason, Tom Parsons
    Pole Vault: Steve Lewis
    Long Jump: Greg Rutherford, Chris Tomlinson
    Triple Jump: Phillips Idowu
    4x100m relay: Marlon Devonish, Tyrone Edgar, Mark Lewis-Francis, Craig Pickering, Alex Nelson, Christian Malcolm
    4x400m relay: Tim Benjamin, Martyn Rooney, Andrew Steele, Robert Tobin, Richard Buck, David Greene

    100m: Montel Douglas, Laura Turner
    200m: Joice Maduaka, Jeanetee Kwakye
    400m: Nicola Sanders, Lee McConnell, Christine Ohuruogu
    800m: Jemma Simpson, Marilyn Okoro, Jenny Meadows
    1500m: Abby Westley, Lisa Dobriskey
    5000m: Jo Pavey
    10,000m: Jo Pavey
    Marathon & IAAF World Cup: Tracey Morris, Mara Yamauchi
    3000m steeplechase: Helen Clitheroe, Hatti Dean
    400m hurdles: Tasha Danvers-Smith
    Pole Vault: Kate Dennison
    Javelin: Goldie Sayers
    Heptathlon: Jessica Ennis, Kelly Sotherton
    20km walk: Joanna Jackson
    4x100m relay: Montel Douglas, Emily Freeman, Jeanette Kwakye, Joice Maduaka, Laura Turner, Anyika Onuora
    4x400m relay: Vicky Barr, Donna Fraser, Lee McConnell, Jenny Meadows, Nicola Sanders, Christine Ohuruogu
    1500m wheelchair: Shelly Woods

    I suppose the big names missing would be:
    200m: Chris Lambert, Christian Malcolm
    400m: Daniel Caines
    Long Jump: Nathan Morgan
    Triple Jump: Nathan Douglas
    Javelin: Nick Neiland
    Decathalon: Dean Macey

    100m: Abi Oyepitan
    800m: Becky Lynn
    100mH: Sarah Claxton
    Marathon: Paula Radcliffe
    Long Jump: Jade Johnson

    Have I missed anyone?
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    Those entires in the field events are pitiful. And the list of missing people doesn't even really incldue that many more...

    Oh, is Ashia Hansen still competing? I think she is, just not in a good enough state to get to the worlds yet...or has she retired now? Sad if she has...was an awful day when you saw her knee go to leave her in agony mid-jump
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    (Original post by Roger Kirk)
    Oh, is Ashia Hansen still competing? I think she is, just not in a good enough state to get to the worlds yet...or has she retired now? Sad if she has...was an awful day when you saw her knee go to leave her in agony mid-jump
    God, that was horrible. And as far as I know, she hasn't retired. She's injured at the moment, I believe... but I could be wrong. The last time she competed was in February, and she was winning then after being out injured (albeit far off from her PB). She's unlucky because her career has been somewhat blighted by injuries.

    As for today's action, I'm glad that Danvers-Smith reached the 400m hurdles final. It's unlucky that Isinbayeva couldn't break the world record (like she hasn't whenever I've gone to see her :hmpf:). I love the way Clement runs... he stutters at so many hurdles and still manages to win by a comfortable margin! :laugh: Imagine how fast he'll be if and when he sorts his technique out. :eek: He could break the world record for sure.

    Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the women's 400m final... I'm hoping Ohuruogu and/or Sanders can come away with something. Ooh, and also Baddeley in the 1500m, and Parsons and Bernard in the high jump.
  6. Offline

    Both GB women through in the 1500 :party:
  7. Offline

    Allyson Felix just dominated the first 200m heat she looks immense.
    One point i want to raise is that alot of these women look very manly. is anyone keeping an eye on them to check they actually are women. I think some of them need a genital check lol.
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    LOL at the Samalian athlete who has just raced in the second heat of the 200M. Why did she even turn up?! Worst "Athlete" i have ever seen in my life. 30.87! I have a sneaky feeling my nan would've done better.:rolleyes:
  9. Offline

    :rofl: And why did Freeman get DQed if her reaction time was more than 0.1!?! :mad:
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    (Original post by Speederson)
    LOL at the Samalian athlete who has just raced in the second heat of the 200M. Why did she even turn up?! Worst "Athlete" i have ever seen in my life. 30.87! I have a sneaky feeling my nan would've done better.:rolleyes:
    Shes only 15 bless, she didnt even have athletics gear on but just normal clothes. She shouldnt have been competing tbh, she didnt even know how to use the blocks her first false start was the reason Freeman went out

    Both male long jumpers fail to get to the final :mad:
  11. Offline

    (Original post by SuperDaz)
    Both male long jumpers fail to get to the final :mad:
    Yeah, very disappointing, especially Chris who was in with a shout to get a medal aswell
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    I'm gutted about Tomlinson and Rutherford, plus Sayers. I hope Turner qualifies in the 110m hurdles... it's been a pretty poor morning for us so far.
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    If that girl was only 15 then she should be in her prime for:2012:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	funny.jpg 
Views:	54 
Size:	492.2 KB 
ID:	43773
    remember the name Abdikarim Sheikh Fowzio

    Well done Andy Turner with a good time . only positive to take from this morning.
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    :laugh: Won't you just leave the poor girl alone!?! :p:

    And, yeah, I'm chuffed that Turner qualified... and getting a PB was great too.
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    dang anneka - you're awake at a weird time...
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    (Original post by xxx Anneka xxx)
    :laugh: Won't you just leave the poor girl alone!?! :p:
    i just can't understand why they would ever put her in a race with world class athletes with a PB of 30.87. I think to get in the Somalian athletics team, they must just draw names out of a hat or something.Because if she's the best they've got, they should be ashamed.
    She is also responsible for me spitting milk everywhere because i had to laugh when i saw how slow she was running and that she came in what can only be described as fancy dress.:laugh:
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    (Original post by Chewy!)
    dang anneka - you're awake at a weird time...
    Yeah, I know... I'm nocturnal.

    Speederson, I said leave her alone! :p:
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    some countries haven't got the time to develop athletes. most somalians have more important things to do, like try to survive. she's living her dream and being a massive beacon to the rest of her country.
  19. Offline

    i know but what i'm trying to say is i'm sure there are thousands of Somalians who could have done better and would have represented the coutry alot better than a slow 15 year old.
  20. Offline

    mightn't have had the same effect. and is there even a scheme in place to find those people?


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