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A list of all available finance to mature students?

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    I will be 31 when I start my degree at Cardiff in September. I assume I am classed as an independant as I've been in full time employment for 10 years and I am single.
    I'm looking to apply for all the financial help possible, is there a list anywhere which states all the financial help a mature, independant student can receive.
    Good luck to all fellow oldies.

    Hi fellow oldie .....

    What I did was make an appt to see the Student Finance people and they can put together what you would be eligble for just by talking to you and it was really useful.

    They can also tell you what websites to look etc etc ....

    There is a guide done by Student Finance Direct called A guide to financial support for higher education students.

    You can also contact Student Support at your Local Education Atuthority not sure how it works as I think England and Wales work a little bit differently.

    Without knowing you full circumsrances you should get...

    1. Tuition Fee Loan
    2. Maint Grant
    3. Maint Loan

    I believe the Maint ones are done on earnings and personal circumstances so I am not sure what you would get ...

    LEA is a good start

    I wish you well

    Hi norton,
    I am 34 and am also going to Cardiff this September. What course are you doing?

    You would be classed as independent because you are over 25. Providing you haven't had any previous study you should get the following:

    £2765 Maintenance grant (or assembly learning grant if you live in Wales)
    £3205 Maintenance loan (this is the amount you should receive after the loan reduction)
    £3070 Tuition fee loan paid directly to Cardiff.

    Have you submitted your student finance forms yet?
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll check these options out. I applied to Student Finance Wales last week, a little late I'll need to make sure I get all the money available.

    I'm studying Exploration Geology. What are you studying.

    I am doing Biomedical Science.

    Where you live will have an effect on how quickly your application for finance is processed as your LEA process it. Did you apply online then?

    Have you actually heard anything from Cardiff yet? I didn't even get an interview or an invite to look round when I applied, and I've not heard anything off them since.
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    I applied online.

    I've received a few letters from Cardiff, after I applied through UCAS, what to do after I received my results, last week a confirmation letter.

    I didn't get an interview either or an invite to look around.

    Have you checked with UCAS or Cardiff about confirmation of your place.

    hang on,i thought to get a maint grant your parents need to earn not much money,is this still true for mature students.

    (Original post by shibby_uk)
    hang on,i thought to get a maint grant your parents need to earn not much money,is this still true for mature students.
    If you are over 25 it is not based on parental income. But if you have a partner you live with it would be based on their income.

    A single student over 25 would get the full grant.

    Norton - yes, UCAS have confirmed my place but it would have been nice to actually hear from the uni!

    darn i'm 22 darn my youthfullness!

    If you have been self-supporting for more than 3 years you could still get independent status (you would need to provide 3 P60's).

    Otherwise you will still be classed as dependent on your parents


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