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Dam Busters Re-Mastered

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    As there was a thread here about the recent showing on C4, thought some might be interested in this. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main...28/ndam128.xml Yes they have left the N word in.
    It's showing next week in selected cinemas across the UK. To find your nearest Vue multiplex which is showing it go here
    and select The Dam Busters from the drop down menu. You can then click the cinema name for times.
    Other participating cinemas listed here but you'll need to ring them for times.
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    Argh! I'm working when it's on up here! Shame, I think there will be a superb crowd for it.
    In case anyone's wondering why it would be a great night to be in the Inverness Vue cinema, one of the local stations is RAF Lossiemouth, and on of the squadrons here is, yep you guessed it, 617!
    6-foot are always a laugh so a group of them at a showing would be brilliant.
    I imagine the mess afterwards could get messy (pun intended). Sambucas all round!
    (Not breaching OpSec, before anyone asks, all of this info is public domain and some logic would give you the same conclusion - except the Sambucas anyway).
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    I love this!

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    nah didnt like that much, dont like damnbusters the film and i loath star wars. anychance they cld remaster it to forrest gump?
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    From what I have read in the telegraph, it looks like its the original in colour. I thought that they were re doing the whole thing. Am I mistaken or it this true?
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    No it's the original in black and white, they've cleaned up the film. You may be thinking of Peter Jackson, he of Lord of the Rings, who is planning on making a new version.
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    Oh right. It will be better when the new version comes out. If it does :cool:


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