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How Long Does The Railcard Take To Arrive?

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    I was just wondering once you've returned the forms to confirm you are a student and then the railcard forms etc how long will it take for the railcard to arrive as I will pretty much need the card as soon as possible?
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    Did you send your picture via post, sms or email?
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    Oh no I havnt even got to that stage yet lol. Is there a 'best' way to send it?
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    It says its quicker to send by SMS or email.
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    Ok how long will it take if I do it that way?
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    i sent my picture via post (and ticked the 'yes i want a webcam' box on that return slip too!) and it took exactly 10 days for the card to arrive.
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    I sent mine off two weeks ago and I've still not had either or the freebies back yet lol
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    if you are that urgent for a railcard - u are better off buying it at the railway station. they'll issue it straight away.

    ps thought about opening ur student account with natwest
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    Mine took about 7 days to arrive, I sent mine through email. Was surprised how quick it was.
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    I did mine online, and i came within the week
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    Still haven't got mine and sent it away via post about 2 weeks ago.
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    This post no longer exists.
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    (Original post by hermaphrodite)
    if you are that urgent for a railcard - u are better off buying it at the railway station. they'll issue it straight away.
    If you are like me and are doing a train trip pretty soon - before the railcard arrives - you are probably better off forking the full price for the ticket and getting the railcard free afterwards than paying for a reduced ticket and a railcard at the same time, unless the full price ticket is more than £60.
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    ^^^ i suppose ur wuth natwest then, tbh i dont give too much of a **** regarding railcard. i rarely travel by train. the last time i went on a train was not the june gone; but the june previous. if i do wanna travel by train, what i normally do is buy the ticket online way in advance at the reduced fair. and then buy the young person railcard the day b4 i'm meant to travel from a local outlet. in manchester, i dont even have to go to the train station to get one . . they sell em at the local precint which is about a stone's throw away from the university


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Updated: September 9, 2007
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