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How to get music off an iPod

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    There have been a great deal of threads on this topic.

    This is how, for Windows XP, Vista, and 7

    NOTE: apparently this does not apply to the iPod Touch, only Classic, Nano, and previous generation iPods.

    First, show hidden files:
    how to show hidden files
    to do this, open (My) Documents, then [on XP] click Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders; [on Vista] click Organise > Folder and Search Options > View > Show hidden files and folders
    Then go into (My) Computer > name of your iPod > System (on newer iPods, the folder is named iPod_Control), then copy the "music" folder to any location. Your desktop is probably easiest.

    Once this is done, right click the folder you've just copied, and select properties. Untick "hidden", click OK. When a box appears asking if you wish to apply this to all files and folders of just that folder, choose all.

    Then open iTunes, go to edit > preferences > advanced > check the "Keep iTunes Music folder organised" and "Copy files to iTunes Music library on import" boxes and then use the File > Add Folder to Library command to add the Music folder into your library.

    The reason behind doing this is that music is placed onto your iPod in random folders in a random order but all ID3 tagging is left in place, so importing them into your library fixes the mess for you automatically and gets your music back too. To clarify, this means all your music is organised and named according to ID3 tags, so when it all gets re-imported, all the files re-gain their correct names and are put in the right folders.

    ________________________________ _________________

    On a related note regarding rescuing lost iTunes purchases:

    (Original post by rottcodd)
    Okay, in case anybody is interested - if you erase all your purchases for whatever reason and you don't have a backup, Apple will allow you a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to redownload ALL of your past purchases made through the itunes store. You have to go to here, fill in the form, and apparently they will let you redownload them within 48 hours.
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    Good idea!

    For Mac users, there are two options of getting music from an iPod.

    1. Senuti- a simple program which copies it all to your Mac:

    2. To use Finder to explore the iPod and manually copy files, you'll need to use Terminal to show hidden files.

    Launch the Terminal by going to Applications > Utilities and double-clicking on Terminal.app.
    Paste in these lines of code:

    defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

    killall Finder
    From there, open the iPod and copy the files across to your Mac and then re-import into iTunes to organise it all.

    If you want to make the hidden folders disappear again, just run the code again, but change TRUE to FALSE.
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    I use idump (great name) for windows, select output folder, plug in ipod, lists all music on ipod, you can search then select or select all and click download
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    ive done the first bit what do u mean by: then go into your iPod > system, then copy the "music" folder to your hard drive. do u do this on ur ipod or comp. thanks
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    using your computer.

    This guide assumes your iPod is in disc mode (you can do this by selecting your iPod in iTunes and ticking the disc mode box.)
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    Ah if only I had knows this before :[
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    The way described in the first post works fine if you are trying to copy all your music from iPod to computer.

    However, the software "iDump" ( http://dw.com.com/redir?edId=3&siteI...8404deac2cd721 ) lets you transfer specific songs or playlists, ie, you can select what goes from your iPod to your computer.
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    Yeah iDump is great for choosing individual songs to copy. Really quick, i downloaded it and have started listening to songs in literally 5 minutes!
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    (Original post by olileauk)
    using your computer.

    This guide assumes your iPod is in disc mode (you can do this by selecting your iPod in iTunes and ticking the disc mode box.)
    where is the 'disc mode' box please?
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    select your iPod in iTunes - there should be an interface that appears and one option should be "disc mode".
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    My computer crashed and so I have come to put all the music on my iPod on the computer and have copied it across as you describe but now how do I copy the playlists onto the computer.
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    I unfortunately don't know how to get playlists from your iPod - they don't seem to be stored anywhere at all.. :/
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    iDump (link above) will do it.
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    Yeah tried that but it only transfers the songs and that and then saves it as a playlist but I have already moved the songs off my iPod so I want to avoid duplicates.
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    awwww right i getcha..... so it works but just means you have 2 of every song in the playlist?

    hmmm you could just do it, then go on itunes "view all duplicates" and delete the songs that are the same? i'd do that, but then again i've been known to spend hours messing around on itunes trying to sort out my music! stayed up adding music all night pretty much once..... pretty sad eh!
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    But then if you remove them out of itunes then it deletes it from the playlist which defeats the object. Ah well, i'll give up and make the playlists manually.
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    I think the point is you can't get playlists themselves off your iPod - only the music that is played in those playlists.
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    Right kk, I just make them manually then
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    Yeah, seems so. Sucks a bit, that.
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    Hi theres a great piece of software called CopyTrans www.copytrans.net for just £10 i think, I used it a while back and it works great - just plug it in and it works just as iTunes does, but backwards :P


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