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lost the paper part of my license! am i doomed???

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    as the title says-ive lost the paper bit of my license- ive got the card and a passport but my theory is on wednesday and my test might be in two there anyway i can do it without the paper part?? if not how can i get a new one? do i have to reapply for the whole provisional license again?? this is so depressing......

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    I'm not sure, but I lost my photocard provisional 2 weeks ago and applied for a new set at £22. It got to me (they send you both parts, paper and new photocard) and it got to me pretty quick (say 5 days I think?). You have to send back any original duplicates you have once you get the new ones though. So you'd have to send back your old photocard.

    Apply here for a new one :
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    Theres no way you'll get a replacement by Wednesday, phone your DSA monday morning and ask if you can do it without the paper part

    If not, you'll have to cancel it (if you can) and re-arrange it
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    You won't get it by Wednesday. the fastest way is to 'lose' the other part as well and apply for a replacement.
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    well i lost my paper part (found it later) just before my theory and they lt me take it you just have to sign a form and thats it
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    Yeah the Paper part of the licence is pointless for the Theory IMO. They just have a quick look at it to see if it matches the details on the Prov. Card.
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    thanks so much!-im gonna give them a ring tomorrow but it seems fairly positive either way. must admit was getting a bit stressed-now i just have to cope with a room that looks like its been hit by a hurricane from my manic searching!
    thanks again xx
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    If you have to apply for a replacement, you may as well "lose" the card part and get both parts at the same time. Therefore you'll have a spare photocard if you ever need one.

    I applied for a new one a couple of days ago as I actually have lost both parts of the old one over the last few months. :rolleyes:
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    My bf wasn't allowed to take his theory without his paper license... This was in July.


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