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Canary Islands End of October - Still hot?

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    Hey I plan on going to the Canary Islands (tenerife or lanzarote) on 24th-31st october, as my boyfriend is treating me to an 18th bday holiday. Only thing is, will it still actually be hot at that time? I mean, I know it won't be in the thrities, but will i still say be able to wear a bikini on the beach at noon?

    Also, we want to be able to go to clubs a couple nights (*cough* all nights *cough*) but I've heard places like tenerife, ibiza, destinations popular with young people close thier clubs down in mid oct for the winter season./ Is this true? If it is, will some bars still remain open? Will we still be able to get insanely drunk without looking like losers that have arrived to late?>

    Thanks for any responses! Really appreciate it!
    x :cool:
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    Well, I´m from Tenerife. In October It is still hot, in fact it´s hot even in December! but that´s normally how it is, I can´t gurantee you anything really.

    About clubs and going out, depends on where you are going to, the north part is for the locals and in the south you´d feel as home, I assume that you´d stay in the south so if you want to go out you can go to Los Cristianos or Las Americas.

    Well if you want to know anything else, speciflcly, just ask!
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    It's still perfectly hot there, my dad lives in Lanzarote and I've been there at Christmas - not that you'd have guessed it!

    Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote is the sort of place you're looking for


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