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Opening multiple student accounts

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    Can you do this? How do they check? Also, will banks give you the maximum overdraft limit?
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    No you can't, I think they can find out, (they knew when one of my friends did it anyway) the overdraft depends on your credit history, and shows up on your credit history, and its more a personal decision than this bank will give you x amount.
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    hi, in the blurb that you have to agree to, the banks often want to know that the account with them will be either your 'only' or your 'main' student account. loads of people ahve several different accounts though, people just tell porkies. If you need to provide a previous bank statement or something, you could just take a statement from a regular/solo account.

    just don't tell them, but it's probably best not to open loads of accounts and then get into debt with all of them!
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    i have more than one account - they never asked me if i had another one
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    Banks usally give you a £1k in first year raising to £1.5 in third year, but you need to contact the banks individualy. Funny enough I asked to increase my overdraugh but they would not as I was already to close, yet when I was a few hundered a way from it they increased it no problem. Gay!
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    Natwest T&C's stipulate that the account must be your 'main account', but only say...
    Your only Student Account has to be a NatWest account
    ...in the Welcome! A guide to our student accounts booklet, so I wouldn't take the statement as too legally binding .
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    Banks will normally check your credit history before allowing you to open an account with them- if you already have a student account then that will obviously show up and you'll most likely be refused. So its not a matter of "dont tell them", as they'll already know anyway.

    Seems a bit pointless anyway, whats the point having two overdrafts to pay back??!
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    ive heard it's a criminal offence to have more than one student account...
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    overdrafts and freebies! they all want your custom so are happy to have account holders
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    (Original post by cinnamonhearts)
    ive heard it's a criminal offence to have more than one student account...
    yeah, my mate got 5 years for it.
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    Oh my God - 5 years? Really?
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    I really want a NatWest acc but have applied for an HSBC one cos NatWest wasn't loading for me.

    I was gonna try for a NatWest one tomorrow morning if the site worked for me

    Maybe I shouldn't

    Dont want to go down for 5 years.

    Are you having me on?
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    (Original post by Chewwy)
    yeah, my mate got 5 years for it.
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    Luckily they have abolished the death sentence, so at least you can keep your life if you are caught by the law.


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