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Oxford Graduate Application 2012/13

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    (Original post by vancee)
    Just got an offer from Lincoln (first choice college) via email yesterday. But chances are I will have to turn down the DPhil offer unless I can miraculously come up with GBP 98,982 by 31st August. Oh well, it was good while it lasts.
    Congratulations on your offer. This is so sad that the costs are so high.
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    (Original post by HoVis)
    :eek: That sounds pretty intense! Do you know of a cheap airline?!*

    *I ask, not entirely disinterestedly, as my future parents-in-law live in the states. Yay regular long-haul flights.
    I wish I did! I do have a decent amount of frequent flyer miles from work, so that will cover at least some of it. I budgeted it in when I applied for the course, and now I'm just busy saving for it. Where do your future in-laws live? We have very fun stereotypes about one another via state over here, and they are not altogether misleading, though there are always exceptions. Happy to share if you are curious.
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    (Original post by Kiki09)
    I seem to remember it as being similar to full time courses ie: that you can cover university and college fees and living costs for the duration of your course. In my case I was also working full time and the college (Kellogg) accepted confirmation of employment as my proof of funding. If you end up at Kellogg, they used to allow part time students to pay college fees termly instead of yearly up front - not sure if that still applies or if any other colleges do that.
    This is fabulous info and thank you! Which degree did you read for and did you stay on? How was your experience in Kellogg? I was very torn between applying there and Exeter, so I will be happy in either!
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    Any one going for Magdalen??
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    (Original post by eggshell)
    Just received my rejection. I knew it was coming, but it still really sucks. Oxford was where I really wanted to go.
    I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully, you'll have a great time at Edinburgh and come back to Oxford for a DPhil!
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    (Original post by ColinClout)
    Just got an offer letter through from Keble (hard copy - post) so subject to financial conditions and grades I will be there in October.

    Very happy (first choice college) and hope others get good news soon!
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    (Original post by Mackenzie123)
    I'm in that same boat with you, cyberpoet. I applied for Exeter and just heard today that it might be within a week. I was relieved to read on here that if you are not chosen by your first choice college you are returned to your department. That is excellent news because they would likely place me in Kellogg which is also a great fit for me.

    I echo the sentiments previously expressed that it would be so great to be able to list a second and third preference. Having an offer is fabulous enough, but as someone else said, I just want to know where I will be, silly as that is, so that it can all start to seem very real.

    I wonder what we will all talk about when we know our colleges? Reading lists?
    The waiting is starting to get to me - I'm kind of wishing I re-applied to my old college now! Until quite recently we were able to specify a 2nd choice, and I'm not sure why they changed that. Maybe it didnt make any difference in terms of outcomes, but it'd give me some (maybe false) sense of security anyhow.

    All the best with Exeter; it's a lovely college. I'd be quite happy if I were pooled there!

    PS After all this over, maybe we can return to chatting about food again?
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    Hi there. I'm an international student (from Singapore) heading to Oxford this coming October for my DPhil.

    I will be with St Peter's - still waiting for their formal letter to arrive. But this arrangement is pretty much in place as St Peter's is partnering Clarendon to fund my study over the next 3 years.

    Anyone else from St Peter's, do chat me up!

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    Anyone heard from Balliol yet...? Either January or March applicants, that is.
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    I'm also waiting for Balliol , I dont think anyone has heard yet ... good luck!
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    (Original post by ACC_21)
    I'm also waiting for Balliol , I dont think anyone has heard yet ... good luck!
    Thanks, you likewise! We should update each other when we hear back... whenever that is heh.
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    (Original post by Noldorin)
    Thanks, you likewise! We should update each other when we hear back... whenever that is heh.
    yeah sure - what course did you apply for out of interest ? (I keep losing track of who applied for what)

    i'm giving myself until the 11th (i.e a week after 4th may) until I worry/give up hope :P
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    Anyone know anything about the Graduate accommodation at Exeter College? Exeter House on Iffley Road?

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    Any one heard anything from Magdalen??
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    Any feedback about history of medicine??
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    (Original post by TueJun)
    Anyone know anything about the Graduate accommodation at Exeter College? Exeter House on Iffley Road?

    I don't know very much. It's within what I consider comfortable-ish distance of the city centre, but probably towards the edge of that distance -- you might want a bicycle. It looks nice from the outside. There's a hairdressers nearby which does £9.50 haircuts. That's about all I know, I'm afraid.
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    (Original post by TueJun)
    Anyone know anything about the Graduate accommodation at Exeter College? Exeter House on Iffley Road?

    I dont know it well but have visited a few times. From what I remember, it's a new-ish, modern complex. The kitchens I saw were great - large and well-equipped - bedrooms were a bit small though.
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    (Original post by QMHistoryguy)
    Just hope you don't end up in some college with no money, facilities, or half decent library and 30 mins outside oxford... Yes you Kellogg college...
    There are several colleges here in the leafy north of the city. There's Kellogg, St Anthony's, St Anne's, Wycliffe Hall, Wolfson, Lady Margaret Hall, and St Hugh's all within a short walk of the very centre of the city. You would have to try very hard to feel you were "outside Oxford"!
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    Just received an offer from Teddy Hall
    Anyone else?
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    Congrats all with college offers (jealous!)

    Has anyone heard from Trinity, and if so was it by email or snail?


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