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The Infamous Mystery Customer

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    Hi, how has everyone got on with mystery customers?, assuming youve served them and do you get anything for being particularly good?

    2 weeks after I had my customer services training, i served the mystery customer, i think i did quite well because i got a shining star award and £10. How have other ppl done and what did u get for being gd?
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    when I worked at Toby carvery they had 'mystery guests'- I was the first there to get 100%- woohoo- they let me choose a bottle of wine.
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    I've been unlucky and had the mysery shoppers twice at my work (they only come every 6 months or something and I only work in the hols). I got 68% both times which is considered pretty bad. I always thought it would be easy to spot them but apparntly not!!
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    Do you get told if you do badly with a mystery customer because we dont get told, its just the store gets a bad grade
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    We get loads of feedback either way and all the staff know about it (I've never been mystery shopped THANK GOD! but I know about it cos I've read reports left on notice board or they've been read out at staff meetings).
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    Never been mystery shopped.

    Thank god! I'd fail lol
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    I've never served one yet as far as I know....
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    My boyfriend gets 100% nearly every time he gets mystery shopped

    He gets £300 in high street vouchers each time

    Last time though he got 96% and they gave him £100 in vouchers
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    I suspect that I've been mystery shopped several times, but I never hear any more of it.

    There was one strange time when this woman was clearly watching everything I was doing, but she didn't say anything. She was in uniform, so I knew she worked for the store, but it was quite strange. She just loitered in the aisle for ages while I pretended she wasn't there, and then she grabbed some random people and asked them to ask me where something was. Then, when I'd shown them it, the original woman went "Well done, that was very good".

    Totally bizarre.
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    I got 'mystery shopped' at McDonalds. If you can call it that... They have some outside company do the formal ones, but then the managers also visit the other stores in the area as like a mini mystery shop.

    I unsuspectingly served the manager of Skegness's Maccies and my manager then pulled me aside and said Skeggy were low on staff that day and the manager had come to collect someone and he wanted me. So I guess I did good.

    On the official one though, we were the worst Maccies in the country *Proud*. What an achievement. Luckily, I that was done before I started there and I was only there a couple of months.
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    Don't think it has happened to me haha. Hope it doesn't! Although I am pretty polite and that.
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    Dont think Ive ever been officially mystery shopped but theres definalty been a few times when I was convinced the customer was a ms! I guess some just really are too inquisitive and all that
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    that sounds like a strange way of doing it joanna!

    I've done mystery shopping myself and the main thing they emphasise is that you act completely normal and like you are just shopping normally, it is hard sometimes when you have to observe loads of stuff but actually the service is just one part of a larger report. I usually have to ask a question to one person and take note of how they respond. If it is a large store I may have to ask one question in each department.

    It sounds more like an internal check on you rather than an external 'mystery shop' per se.
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    I don't think I've ever served the mystery shopper, but some people had been messing round with name badges last month, and the mystery shopper was served by "McLovin"!
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    (Original post by la_banane_verte)
    I don't think I've ever served the mystery shopper, but some people had been messing round with name badges last month, and the mystery shopper was served by "McLovin"!

    P.S That just got me told off at work for giggling when I should have been Ebaying. Grrr!
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    "Mclovin" thats in tescos yah? we heard about that, very funny!
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    I did a mystery shopping trip once, basically had to buy an item and report back on the state of the store, changing rooms and how well I was served by the staff. Had to count the visable staff, number serving on tills, remember names... too stressful for me! All I got was £10 and nothing back for what I bought.. but it was a very nice skirt... god I hope I never get Mystery Shopped, I've just started and I havent got a clue whats going on!
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    Thankfully I was never mystery shopped in the time I worked in retail.
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    god, when i worked in outfit i got mystery shopped twice on the same day.
    In outfit, you have to ask everyone if they want an outfit card [ridiculous].
    i didnt ask either, so got a really bad report.
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    (Original post by rachelaryan)
    when I worked at Toby carvery they had 'mystery guests'- I was the first there to get 100%- woohoo- they let me choose a bottle of wine.
    Do you know which company the mystery guests were from? If you were ever shown the report it would have said on it somewhere what the company was (e.g. Retail Eyes, The Mystery Dining Company etc)


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