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eBay's: Affiliate Cash Machine

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    Has anyone ever heard of this? It's advertised by eBay users all the time, but I'm not sure of its reliability.


    He seems reliable enough, but I dunno about his earnings, they sound a bit exaggerated?
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    Er, that is a chain marketing scheme. It doesn't work. If you don't know why pyramid schemes do not work then I worry for your sanity.
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    (Original post by AntiMagicMan)
    Er, that is a chain marketing scheme. It doesn't work. If you don't know why pyramid schemes do not work then I worry for your sanity.
    yeah i know its chain marketing, but why doesnt it work?

    Edit: Besides my friend tried it and made a profit of £30 in 12 days
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    If you send me £5 i'll send you a booklet explaining why they don't work .

    They don't work because eventually you run out of people to recruit. And then the last layer of people to join is stuffed.
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    Pyramid schemes are brilliant.

    As long as you're at the top, of course.
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    Thanks, I'm gonna avoid it then
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    The idea is great though and purely legal (I think)

    You pay me £5 and I will send you an instruction book saying how to make £5

    Booklet says:

    You get people to pay you have £5 for example via ebay and then send them a copy of this booklet

    In theory they could go on for ever, you can make money from them but its dodgy and not exactly moral. I would avoid it.
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