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tomtom sat nav problems.

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    not sure if this is the right section for this but it didnt seme to fit into any of the others. Basically i purchased a TomTom sat nav system today to help me when i drive to uni next week. (only passed test last week so rather scared) I took it out of the box and put in the sim card thing in but i keep getting a little animation of the simcard being removed and a red cross appearing over it, i guessd this means remove it so i did but it then said to put it in then remove it, and the cycle went on. No instructions about trouble shooting ect so in stuck. I am gonna take it back tomorrow but do you guys have any ideas?
    cheers, sorry for the worlds longest post!!
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    the red cross meant do not remove. do you have tom tom home on your pc you may be able to reinstall it.
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    hmm u tried putting the card in the other way round?
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    It sounds like you might have messed it up.

    On most sat navs there is a reset hole which you can push with a pen nib. Make sure the card is in properly, then reset the device. Now wait - leave it for 30 mins or so to be sure. If it hasn't loaded the software by then then it's probably not going to work.


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