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    (Original post by Astral Weeks)
    Just been listening to Marquee Moon by Television. Title track might just be the greatest song I've ever heard. Any other fans of Television out there?
    Yeah great album. Great Song. I'm guessing your name is a reference to the classic Van Morrison album?
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    (Original post by Ltd.)
    Yeah great album. Great Song. I'm guessing your name is a reference to the classic Van Morrison album?
    Yup, Television were a brilliant band. Bought their live double-albu "The Blow Up" recently, really good.

    Yeh Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks" was the first "great album" that I ever listened to (unless you're a big fan of Jeff Buckley's "Grace") and it's still my favourite by a country mile.
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    Yeah great band.

    Astral Weeks is a great album. Not my absolute favourite, but then again I don't think I even have an absolute favourite.
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    (Original post by winnie the poo)
    Tell me about it, I bought 25 a few months back - now i have 4...
    Blu tac + back of guitar head + plectrums = your friend.
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    I have a double-sided adhesive stuck onto the back of a plectrum holder . I bought 9 a few months ago, and I have 9, thanks to fact that I just shove 'em back into the holder after use .
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    I've never lost a plectrum, even getting sweaty on stage. They do get thrown away though, once the point is totally worn down.
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    :adore: M4d skillz!
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    I bought 100 Dunlop Gator Grips from the US. The great thing is there are only 2 or 3 in any one place, but wherever I am I can usually find one after 30 seconds of scouring the floor/surfaces :p:
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    Thanks for the rep, vector . I am still 1000 points away from a yellow gem, though .
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    I've managed to gype seven plectrums over time (mainly from the floor) Hmm... lets see...

    - Venom
    - grover allman M
    - Gibson thin OooO
    - Fender .73mm M OooO
    - A pokemon Gengar one 1.30mm
    - Dunlop .88m
    - Dunlop .60mm
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    Venom and fender are shocking. I cna't speak for grover/pokemon (:p:) and gibson are alright. Dunlop are just in a league of their own
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    I use my Stagg one. 0.73mm Does the job well enough :dontknow:.
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    I like my fender one; it feels leathery But tbh, I rarely use plectrums...
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    Really? I can't really play without
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    I love using both my fingers and my plectrum . I'm comfortable with both.
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    Btw, any of you heard of Jason Mraz? Ah... he's fantastic, check out 'I'm Yours'.
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    Listening to it now... not bad!

    Easy chords, though...
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    Jazz IIIs FTW
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    (Original post by Danny_777)
    Jazz IIIs FTW

    I've lost all mine
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    Another yes for Jazz IIIs.

    Though I'm non playing at the moment because for some reason despite wiring it about 5 different times my guitar is still not working. The pots work right but the switch is patently wrong and the signal is seriously damn quiet.

    And I'm using the Ibanez wiring diagram!

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