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Could 16-year-olds have swung the referendum the other way? 23-06-2016
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    (Original post by beth_geog)
    haha i remember superted! i used to have superted vitamins evveryday!
    I remember those. They tasted so nice!

    And the Fender Jazz deluxe is a classtastic bass. :cool:
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    (Original post by Happy Cycling)
    I remember those. They tasted so nice!

    And the Fender Jazz deluxe is a classtastic bass. :cool:
    hehe they where indeed the best vitamins ever!

    That fender jazz makes my japenese made look like a squire lol!
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    i learning the guitar on the internet. i use to take lesson. i'll probably continue lessons soon. haha. i was so tired of people calling me 'a classical musician' whenever we talk about instruments and stuff so guitar is my way of breaking away. i'll playing an classical at the moment and i have an acoustic but i want an electric. i want the gibson les paul. oooooo.
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    (Original post by Wanderlust)
    If you put a pair of DiMarzio's into a crafter, you'd have doubled the amount you paid for your guitar.

    It isn't worth it for the actual sound improvement you get.
    Hehe thats true, although I dont know whether to get another guitar or just upgrade my crafter at the moment. Im looking into something to play heavier stuff, at the moment the bulk of my music is punk rock, but recently I've been getting into Metallica and Trivium, I'm learning how to play that sort of stuff at the moment - If I was going for a new guitar I was thinking of getting one of Kirk Hammets signature models, the cheapest is about £500, but I dont know if that is any good. (It is probably much much better than my Crafter though). What would you recommend, some guy was going to sell me a budget ESP (I think its called JTP or something like that) with passive EMGs for £300, hmm, maybe I should have bought that.... (BTW I'd like to learn some Satriani and Steve Vai too when Im good enough)
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    Well if you're intending to thrash and shred (technical terms) then go for:

    Low profile neck
    Jumbo frets
    24 frets
    A proper Floyd Rose (if you want a decent trem)

    Doesn't narrow it down much really :p:
    Also the passive EMGs are not even close to actives. DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan make better passives.
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    What's the view on fixed bridges? I've heard bad things about floyd roses and you lose the tuning after a few times. Are floyd roses really worth it, most stuff you can do on fixed except the dropping of notes.
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    A Floyd Rose is good if it is a real Floyd Rose and you take good care of it. Cheaper guitars tend to come with "licensed" imitations which aren't anywhere near as good as the real thing. Also you have to be very careful when adjusting them (never when the strings are under tension) or it will lose it's knife edge and never properly return into tune.

    My old guitar had a pretty poor one which soon stopperd working, so I converted it to a fixed bridge using a piece of wood . But my newer one has a proper Floyd Rose and it is awesome, believe me.
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    Fixed are great for staying in tune, but so are trems once you set them up.

    You can do ridiculous amounts of stuff with a whammy bar that you can't do on a fixed bridge though.

    If you want to play any Satch or Vai, or just want to exhaust many many possibilities on your guitar, trem is the way to go.
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    Anyone here like John Mayer?
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    hey guys, I've got an idea
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    Care to share it with us?

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    (Original post by 1337)
    Care to share it with us?

    In a second, I just have to see if there is enough
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    ok, I was thinking of compiling a TSR guitar society music library, i.e. if you have recorded your self playing on the guitar, and wouldn't mind showing off your talent ( ).

    What you guys could do is send your music files to my hotmail account and I'll upload them onto a site to host. Then I can put a link next to your usernames on the front page of the society (here). The link will direct you to the download page, thus you can therefore download it!

    What do you guys think?

    Problem is the site I have in mind only allows 500mb of downloads a month, which I'm not sure is enough, if you have any better sites in mind then please tell.


    Edit: OK, seems like everyone is asleep!
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    What site are you looking at using? I think it's a good idea actually, a similar thought was slowly working it's way through my mind.
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    (Original post by Happy Cycling)
    What site are you looking at using? I think it's a good idea actually, a similar thought was slowly working it's way through my mind.
    well the best site I've found which allows direct download via a link is: http://fileupyours.com/
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    Seems alright for it. I couldn't find out how long they keep the files on for, most of the free ones delete them after a period of inactivity (which would be a PITA), but if they don't do that then it should work fine and dandy.
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    but the only problem is, there is a 500mb download limit/month
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    I suppose we could get a few people to register and then divvy out the mp3s between them?
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    (Original post by Happy Cycling)
    I suppose we could get a few people to register and then divvy out the mp3s between them?
    Yeah I suppose that would work, do you already have some of your own music? (''music production'')
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    I actually have 600ish minutes of my own music :eek:

    But I'm not really happy with much of it.
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