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Strange period

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    My periods are generally irregular although are usually around the 5 week mark. It will be 5 weeks on tuesday. Anyway this month I've got a sort of orange/brown staining which I've never had before. I've hered some people got this when they first started their periods - but wasnt sure if people get at any other times. Its been like this for 2 days now. Do you think this will be my period for the month? - or do you think its just a sign that its on its way? I've never had this before. I have lost weight over the last few months and am classified as underweight- but I've also been lower than this before, and eating less and still having normal periods. I really hate getting my period and usually try and avoid doing things when I'm on - but I start uni next week and dont want this 'period' and then a proper one after that. Any advice would be great
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    It sound like you're about to come on. But as you've said you've recently lost weight this can cause differences in your period. It might be worth checking with your GP to see if everythings ok, if your weight is affecting your periods and you are worried.
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    Your body is complaining because you're underweight and not eating properly, that's why your periods aren't normal. Get back to those carbs, missy it doesn't matter that this didn't happen before - you've probably weakened your body more than before and more than you realise and this is why you're having problems.
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    itll be your period for this month. no need to worry about it. sometimes change of climate, change of the environment, and various things effect it..

    and because that you had this kind of period during this month doesnt mean you will have a heavy period for the next month.

    this is normal. so cheer up, hopefully
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    I normally get that for a couple of days before I start, then I actually have a period. I didnt get it while I was on the pill though...
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    Thanks for your messages.

    I have recently moved into a new flat and have the stress of starting uni and things so that could have contributed to why its wierd this month. I also havent been eating very well - and I deliberatly dont have scales here so I cant weight myself too much - so I may have lsot weight without realising it. I really hope that my period doesnt drag out for too long. As I said before I dont like doing anything when I am on and it makes me have panic attacks. Today I'm too scared to leave the house because of it and my mum is visiting me tomorrow so I'm going to have to go out which is pretty scary. I've just registered with a new GP and was advised to go back in a month when they have all my notes - so I will deff talk to them about it and see what they say.

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    Why do you get scared to go out when you're on? Don't be stressed
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    I am phobic of being sick - and worry that my period will make me sick. It make me feel a bit nauseous and sluggish which I dont like and the last times I've felt sick have been when I've had my period. Its really difficult because I get scared to go out incase I feel sick and things like that.
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    yes, periods can be pain. hope things work out for you relax.
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    Ah pregnant women must have it worse, a lot feel like being sick all the time! Maybe it's something you can work at gradually - go further and further away from home and realise that you won't be sick.
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    i feel sick when im on if i dont eat solid food and drink too much water - i know its hard but try and eat something when you get up.
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    I actually feel alot more hungry when I am on period - and I think the sickness before was probably becaue I hadnt eaten enough and its just worse at that time of the month. Still no change so unless I get my period tomorrow I think this will be it for the month. I managed to go out for 2 hours which was good.

    I'l deff talk to my docotr next month about this - as they are doing a general health check so I'l make sure I mention it.

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    Yeah, mention it to your GP next visit, just to check, It'll probably be fine but better safe than sorry!!


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