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Best way to harden conkers

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    Suggestions please!
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    Soak in vinegar/ bake it.

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    Dip it in cement?
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    (Original post by Absinth)
    Soak in vinegar/ bake it.

    How about just baking them without the vinegar?

    What would boiling them do?
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    From the mighty Wikipedia:
    How to harden conkers

    To stand a good chance of winning, it is desirable to have as hard a conker as possible. The best way to achieve this is to leave your conker in a drawer for a year (conkers that are put away for a year, and then reappear to cause havoc among the new nuts, are called "Laggies" in many areas). If you lack time, a similar effect can be gained by briefly baking it in an oven. Some people also swear by soaking or boiling in vinegar, or paint clear nail varnish on their conkers.

    It should be pointed out, however, that some would consider any artificial hardening of a conker to be cheating. At the British Junior Conkers Championships on the Isle of Wight in October 2005, contestants were banned from bringing their own conkers due to fears that they might harden them. The Campaign For Real Conkers claimed this was an example of over-regulation which was causing a drop in interest in the game. In the World Conker Championship contestants are also restricted to using the conkers provided.

    One factor that can affect the strength of a conker is to ensure that the hole is clean and that there are no notches that can begin a crack or split.
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    Cover them in human excrement and bake.
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    it was on one of them science shows like brainiac. i think hand cream did ok, but last year's conker was best
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    hit your conker into someone who has a harder conkers eye, then steal their conker while their blind.

    It works all the time
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    (Original post by LooksLikeJesus)
    British Junior Conkers Championships on the Isle of Wight in October 2005 [...] the World Conker Championship
    They have actual tournaments? :eek:
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    I thought you were on about your head
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    coat it in diamonds ;yes;
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    Freeze them?
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    Show it porno.
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    (Original post by Airel)
    Show it porno.

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    Okie dokie, thanks for the suggestions and the humour! We're (my lil sis and I) putting 7 each behind for next year, baking the rest for this year and leaving an extra one to throw at our brother. Let's hope I can be bothered to do this before I leave on Saturday.
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    Paint a stone
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    Cover it in Sambuca, Vodka & JD, then chuck it in the freezer for 3 days.

    Or drill a small hole in the middle, and fill it with polyfilla :p:


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