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Prague 21st Weekend away!!

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    Yeah, so me and a mate's 21st bday is within 3 days of each other and decided we are going to Prague in a group of 6/8. Should be doing some activity during the day like going on a shooting range/white water rafting. And ofcourse in the evening experience the nightlife. Should be a great weekend...

    Anyone been to Prague and would like to share their experience??
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    The nightlife is great and really cheap, but its a very cultural city as well, beautiful architecture and the like.
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    i'm off to prague this time next week for the weekend, so i'm looking forward to it. my chav scouse stepbrothers will be coming along and theyll annoy me to death with their "this is rubbish" and "wheres the sky+ box?" grr. uncultured ingrates.
    anywho, am stayin at the belvedere hotel in the old town. shud b gud
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    I stayed there!!!! It was fabulous, you are going to have the most amazing time.
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    (Original post by ice_cube)
    I stayed there!!!! It was fabulous, you are going to have the most amazing time.
    in the belvedere hotel? or somewher else?


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