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Boys>>> Big Boobs or Big Bums... You decide!

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  • View Poll Results: Big boobs / Big Bums
    Boobs all the way babeh!
    Big Bums .. all the more fun
    Both are fun
    Neither... big boob and big bum bad
    We love Kiwis!!!!!! *the insane option!*

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    (Original post by Ink)
    lol I like how the thread title is " decide" and the 3 people who have voted for boobs so far are girls.
    lol well i only voted that on behlf of someone else :p:
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    I voted for boobs :proud:
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    (Original post by Sausage)
    I voted for boobs :proud:
    I wonder why?
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    I only have small boobs and a small bum and im only short

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    Delicious flat chests :3
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    I voted kiwis! Only because I'm soooooo biased: small boobs + small BUT round bums!
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    (Original post by Sausage)
    I voted for boobs :proud:
    Me too!

    I like lovely big boobies.

    Mmmmh and a perfectly formed ass is :cool: but not a big ass (NOT, a good look).

    A big dominating ass on a girlie is Imo of course.
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    (Original post by Connemara)

    Mmmmh and a perfectly formed ass is :cool: but not a big ass (NOT, a good look)..
    Ditto. I still want my vote changed to kiwis though
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    Boobs > bums
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    I didn't realize a 'big' ass would be a turn on :confused:
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    (Original post by smoosabitmega)
    I voted kiwis! Only because I'm soooooo biased: small boobs + small BUT round bums!

    The best way!!

    And to the person above - I agree, I wouldn't look for a "big" ass at all. A nice small round one is ideal Yum!
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    :hahaha: only Sandhu likes big butts :p:
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    I'm black so that automatically means I like buts right?
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    (Original post by eugenius 8)
    :hahaha: only Sandhu likes big butts :p:

    I'd get a mod to change the vote but I can't be arsed.
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    :hahaha: s a n d h u
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    Iv got a booty and Im white :p:
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    Average size for both FTW; though below average > above average size IMO.
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    I'm not a boy but a nice pert bum is mmmh.
    <3 bums.
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    Well, I'm just under 5' anything big would look terribly silly.


    Kinda like that ¬_¬


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