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Can you get back dimples by exercising?

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    If you don't know what back dimples are, google it ^^

    Imma girl, kind of underweight (BMI of 18), working on my fitness (weights and jogging).
    Is there any way I can get them by exercising?

    What do you guys think of them- Hot or not?
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    doesn't everyone have them?
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    Exercise itself does not cause pimples however the sweat produced combines with skin oils to trap dirt and bacteria in your pores. The best advice is to have a shower after exercise.
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    No she means back DIMPLES not spots. I.e. the two shallow dips on your lower back near the spine
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    I have back dimples, though i've only just noticed =/. I can imagine them only being visible if you're not too thin though. I'm a size 8/10, and i don't think i had them when i was just a size 8.
    Doing weights may put some (i wanna say substance?) on your back, so the dimples will be visible.
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    I dont think guys really care....at all.
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    I want back dimples. I think they're hawt.
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    it's mainly to do with genetics, you get it from yo mama. you can't get them by exercising.
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    Guys definitely notice... At least I do... and I love them! :-)
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    I think they're a good thing - I like a shapely lower back (provided, naturally, that it sits above a nice firm booty). A lower body fat will of course help you out and I imagine that deadlifting for a stronger lower back can't hurt your definition in that area.

    EDIT: God dammit I hate it when I reply to thread rezzers without realising.
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    (Original post by CrypticBlade07)
    Guys definitely notice... At least I do... and I love them! :-)
    So much so that your first post involved you searching for a three year old thread about them. That is indeed some impressive dedication to back dimples.
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    i have back dimples... but im trying to loose some weight... dont think i had them when i was skinnier
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    I have them and my back is awesome.

    feel free to ask for naked pics.
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    be careful i herd that if u sweat alot then the sweat can go into the back dimples an dry up causin a mouldy smelly back dimple to fill up with dried sweat which gets rid of the back dimple and gives u aids


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