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Whens the least busy time at the gym?

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    I'm hoping to join the gym soon in my local town, but dont want to go when its really busy. When is it likely to be quiet/ not many people there?
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    Best time is weekdays during the working day (i.e. 9-5) simply because most people are at work then. Weekends will generally be busy because everyone's off work, but the main busy period will be from 3pm-7pm usually, and also should be quite busy in the mornings say 7am-9am. So if you head down around 10am on a weekday should be good

    Can't make any promises though, it will obviously differ slighly between gyms!
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    From personal experience, before 7am, any time between 10-5 and the last hour or so before closing.
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    I guess when its closed. Depends whether its a public gym/uni gym. Genenrally evenings are busiest from my experience. Like above ^ early mornings and last hour type of thing.
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    i find that the evenings are very busy - you have all the workers etc.
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    My gym isn't too bad - though on certain days its busier than others, never really bad as in loads of queues though.
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    lunch time.
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    Sunday afternoons/evenings are usually pretty quiet at the place I go to.
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    During the day however this does vary frm gym to gym, mine is massive so invariably it's never 'busy' in the sense I have to queue to use weights for example.
    Sadly being back in full time work means I can't go spend three hours at the gym with the place to myself
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    for me its usually 9-10 and 1-3.
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    The only time it seems to become busy in mine is from around 5-7ish on a weekday and saturday mid-afternoonish, you can always ask them when you join.
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    (Original post by lammy)
    I'm hoping to join the gym soon in my local town, but dont want to go when its really busy. When is it likely to be quiet/ not many people there?
    Well the busiest times are 5pm onwards, from Monday to Thurs. Those are the time when people are off work. As for Friday most people go out on a Friday night, the gym I go to is pretty empty on Fridays. The best times are just during the day when people are at work. But then again it depends on the gym you are going to.


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