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chemical ideas answers

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    dus any1 know of a website that has the answers for the chemical ideas book, for the OCR Salters course???? my teachers being a prat and wont photocopy hers for me
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    cheers mate
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    Ty muchly
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    does anyone know where i can find the answers for the new book cos the markscheme doesnt have the answers for 5.7 polymers by design

    I HATE SALTERS.:eek3:

    Would save my life if anyone knew........
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    Here you go
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    Does anyone else have to put in a password?
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    does any one have the end of module test with the answers for threads of life, plsssss
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    (Original post by droom)
    does any one have the end of module test with the answers for threads of life, plsssss
    I do, give me your email and I'll send them to you. I have the tests and answers for steel story and Materials Rev too, if you need them.
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    Sorry to disappoint, but this is from the old CI book (the red one), rather than the new one.

    Lots of the questions are the same, but there are some that aren't. Use with caution.
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    ummmm this link has stopped working....does anyone have any other sites? :confused:
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    Hey hun, go here!
    Look at the very first post and click on the pdf file.

    The pdf file works! ^.^
Updated: February 17, 2011
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