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please help.. advice for my primary PGCE interview

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    Hi, thought this would be the best place to get some advice for my interview (primary PGCE at Bishop Grosseteste).. bit worrying, only got the letter yesterday offering me an interview, and its going to be this coming monday! argh!..

    so.. i have a brief oral presentation about 1, what it is aout primary teaching what attracts me.. and 2, what are your personal strengths and qualities that make you a suitable candidate..
    how can i make this a bit different? everyone will all be saying the same old cliched things..

    There is a numeracy and writing screening test.. any ideas what these may entail? and how i can prepare for this?

    then there is the individual interview which is daunting in itself!

    Im a bit worried as on the tes site people say they have been preparing for weeks! how am i going to do well with only a couple of days?!

    Sorry for rambling, but any help would be great!

    Vicky x
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    I can't really help with your presentation as the topic is a personal one to you not a general educational topic. Just keep it clear and if they've given you a time limit make sure you stick to it. One major factor if teaching is timings as you have to prepare lessons that fit perfectly into a specified time slot so by showing you can do your presentation in the set time will show time management skills.

    The maths test for my PGCE place was very simple, literally like 3 questions! But at an interview I went to for a SCITT course it was a more comprehensive maths test. Revise fractions, decimals, shape, space and measure etc. The BBC bitesize revision website is a good place to look! Try working through both the KS3 nad GCSE levels.

    English will be probably be looking at spelling and grammar. My English task was to write a book review for a children's book.
    However you may be tested on word classes i.e what are adverbs, pronouns etc. You may need to know sentence structure aswell such as simple, complex and compound.

    Try and have a look at the TES for current educational issues such as every child matters.

    My key point is just to be reflective on your previous experiences. A huge issue on my course is to be a "reflective practitioner" so if you can show how you've learnt from past experiences this should help you.

    Good Luck and just relax about it and be yourself!
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    I had short notice for my recent interviews too so don't worry, it can be done! Make sure you read the national curriculum and know its general areas and what it does etc. I applied for secondary but I was asked how I would deal with certain situations with pupils who misbehaved and so forth so be prepared for that. Hope this helps and good luck!
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    You used to be able to take practice tests for the QTS Skills Tests on the TDA website (I think you still can!)
    I found these really useful for my interview as they seemed to use a very similar test.

    Try to just be yourself - it's much better to come across natural than trying too hard.
    Also smile alot and try to appear cheerful - there's nothing worse than a grumpy teacher!
    Try to look confident (even if you aren't feeling it!)
    Base your answers on experience - I have found that being honest has always worked for me - just tell the truth - what attracts you to teaching? Everyone has different opinions, just tell them yours and bring some of your work experience into the answers.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for all your help guys.. im going to spend all tomorrow going over all the questions and reading up on issues..
    I think il be ok once i get there. arghhh! il let u know how it goes xx
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    oh goodness! So early! I hope I get more warning that that!
    How did it go?
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    hey, oh its taken me a while to reply.. i think it went ok thanks, i think we get our selves too worked up for these things! the people were so friendly and it was so laid back.. should hear back in the next few days.. fingers crossed xx
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    ooooh, good luck.
    What did they ask you?
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    Wohooo, i got an offer .. just need a 2:2, which im sure il be fine with.. atleast i hope! haha..

    (Original post by Lauren Hart)
    ooooh, good luck.
    What did they ask you?
    Well my individual interview, I seemed to only be in there about 5 minutes..
    *They asked me what my strentghs and weaknesses are subject wise..
    *something about making children from other cultures, who may have a lack of English, welcome.. i said about celebrating all religions etc, talk about equality and bits.
    *What initiatives am I aware of.. I said the new primary framework and every child matters..
    *Then they asked about behaviour management because ive done quite a lot of 1-1

    I think thats about it really xxx
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    Congratulations... that hard part is over!
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the student room and was wondering if I could get some help and advice about the PGCE primary course. I have an interview next monday (3rd March) at warwick...and i'm really nervous. They have sent me a timetable of what to expect on the day of the interview. Has anyone had any interviews recently??? Ive been told that i would need to complte a task in literacy and numeracy...i'm not sure what they will provide for that.

    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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